Where did the time go?

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Vaughn Edward

Vaughn Edward

10 Weeks. It has been ten whole weeks since our little guy was born, and I have NO idea where the time went. It still goes. It’s flying by, and as I’m sure those of you with more than one child know, it’s a heck of a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! You think to yourself, “oh, I GOT THIS!” because you’ve been there and done that with your first kid… and while in some cases that does totally apply, like the diaper changes and being able to interpret the different cries (I’m HUNGRY vs. PICK ME UP, NOW!), nothing can prepare you for trying to juggle your newborn and your Toddler; your emotional, attention-hungry, tantrum-prone Toddler who just had his whole world turned upside down because he is no longer the center of the Universe. Poor guy.Vaughn8Wks

But I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, and so is the Toddler, btw. He seems to now realize that his baby brother is a permanent fixture in the family – he isn’t going bye-bye. So, he’s actually acknowledging his baby brother now (“Goodnight, Bon”), and he’s paying more attention to him. He helps me change diapers and throws them in the trash.. and he loves sorting the baby’s toys. Of course. My little organizer.


I am thankful that, so far, (knocks on all the wood in the house) Vaughn is a good baby. So easy. Part of that is really just because we know what we are doing now, but I think he just has a totally laid back personality. He’s pretty chill, and he just takes it all in. He’s starting to smile and coo (we have some riveting conversations about goo, gah, and gee), AND he’s a tummy time champion. The head is strong with this one. He and Logan keep me busy though, which is why I have been COMPLETELY ABSENT from this blog for so long….

One Year. July 11th is my One Year Anniversary for the Stickelberry Blog! It’s my Blogiversary! Woo Hoo! Again – where the heck did the time go? I don’t know, but it’s gone and more is coming and going so I better get on with it already. Time to get my sh** together and get back to work, right? Well.. if time permits. The kiddos are always the priority ;) I vow to do my best, which is all I can do, right?

I’ve seen other super-bloggers hold fantabulous giveaways on their Blogiversary. I’m so not a super-blogger so I’m not doing that. At least not this time. Sorry. Kind of have my hands full. But I will leave you with this..

The Year Ahead. My posts may be less frequent, but I want to strive for quality over quantity, and post more about the things YOU guys want to see. Based on the feedback and activity, me thinks this is more tutorials and particularly more SEWING tutorials. This is fine by me – sewing is my first love and is what Stickelberry is all about! So, while I fine tune my weekly routine and carve out time for more Stickelberry goodness, you all go and have yourselves a great summer – and maybe you’ll hear from me a time or two..

Vaughn BathtimeIn the meantime, if you don’t already, follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (or all of them?) to see what is going on in my world — and get your daily dose of baby cuteness, of course! ;)


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Fathers Day Mugs

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day came and went, and now you need to find something for Dad. Whether it be for Dad, Daddy, Grandpa, Papa, Pops, Pappy…. I have just the thing for you!

Travel Mug for Dad

Travel Mug for Dad

Travel Mug for Dad

I designed these mugs for the Dads in MY life — my husband (from his sons), and for my Father and Father-in-Law from their grandsons.

Mug for Grandpa

Mug for Grandpa

I ordered them early to make sure the quality was as great as I expected from Zazzle, and sure enough, they are fantastic!

Coffee Mug for Grandpa for Fathers Day from ZazzleThe great news is, these are available for YOU to purchase, too! (Woo hoo!)

Follow this link to my shop on Zazzle to order yours! You can customize them further by choosing different types of mugs. If you like the “Jumbo Mugs” use code DRINK2CUSTOM for 10% off!

Mugs & Hugs for Daddy & Grandpa for Fathers Day

Mugs & Hugs for Daddy & Grandpa for Fathers Day – Buy Yours on Zazzle!

Feeling creative? Want to put this design on something else? I’m here for you!

Download the image below that you prefer (click on it, and when the big one opens, right-click and save!), go to Zazzle, click on the “Create” tab at the top of the site, and pick from one of their thousands of products to make your own!  Use the “Add Image” feature and upload to add it to your product!

fathersday2  Grandpa fathersday2

Like what, you say? What else can I make?  How about his phone case… (also available in my shop)

iPhone Case for Dad

iPhone Case for Dad

Or this mousepad…

Mousepad for Dad

Mousepad for Dad

That’s what is so great about Zazzle – you can customize just about everything. And NO, you don’t HAVE to use my images. Use your own! Use pictures of the kids — those are always a parent favorite! :)

Happy Shopping!


*Yes, Zazzle is a sponsor, but only because I chose them to be and because I LOVE their products!  Yes, I will receive a commission if you click through and purchase from them.


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The Littlest Stickelberry

He’s here! Meet Vaughn – My new little bundle of joy.


…and now for what you’ve really been waiting for — the winner of the Guess Baby’s Weight contest!

Vaughn Edward Stickel weighed….

7lbs 14oz

Congratulations to Amanda for guessing the exact weight! Your gift card will be on it’s way soon!!


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Mother's Day Card & Gift Tag

Mother’s Day Card & Gift Tag – Free Printable!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – are you ready? Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift or card for Mom — you want to give her something special because she means so much to you, but often we find ourselves so busy and caught up in daily life that we wait until the last minute to do anything about it. I’ve been there! I had to get a head start since I’ll be busy with a newborn, so I’m here to help you out this year..

Card and Gift Tag for Mothers Day

I designed a printable card and gift tag for you! Just print (on cardstock or thick paper), cut and fold (or punch, for the tag).


So easy!

Cut and Fold Card and Gift TagThe card measures 4×6 so you can easily find an envelope to put it in, too!

Mom Gift Tag - Free PrintableFree Printable Card & Gift Tag for MomIf red isn’t your color (it’s red, my printer is running out of ink), I made it in black for you too – it looks very classy!

MOM in Black

MOM in Black

Click on the image of the card you want to download and print – they are in PDF format. Make sure your printer is set to print with no margins, otherwise it will be slightly off.

MOM in Red

MOM in Red

MOM in Black

MOM in Black

Need some ideas for gifts? Well I have you covered there too — how about a matching Mug or Pillow to go with your card and gift tag? Just click on the image to see & purchase on Zazzle!Mom Pillow in Black

Mom Mug in Black Mom Mug in Red


Red Mom Pillow










Be sure to check out my post on how to customize anything on Zazzle.com… and here are a few more Mother’s Day gift ideas from Zazzle – so much cute stuff!

Shop Mother’s Day Gifts

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

Happy Shopping!


 *Note: Zazzle is a sponsor, but only because I chose them to be. I love their products and think you might too. I will be paid a small commission for any purchases you may make by clicking through from my site.

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WIn a $20 Starbucks Gift Card

Win a $20 Gift Card to Starbucks!

How Much will Baby Weigh???

I thought I would spice things up a bit by making this a betting game. Now’s your chance to use your psychic powers and guess how much Baby #2 (still nameless) is going to weigh!

First person to guess correctly will win a $20 Gift Card to Starbucks. Boom!

You get TWO clues:

#1. Logan weighed 7lbs 4oz – he was 2 weeks early.

#2. This current picture of me and mah belly!

Me. 38 Weeks.

Me. 38 Weeks.

A few things before you make your guess…there have to be some ground rules:

1. Your guess must be posted in the comments on this blog post. Comments on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Twitter will not be counted, so make sure you come HERE to submit your guess! One guess per person.

2. I realize there are only so many available options… so the first guess will win over a duplicate guess. It’s important to get your guess in first! Example: If two people guess 7.5, and that is the winning weight, then the first person who guessed it wins.

3. Obviously, this contest closes when the baby is born. Right now I am scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday, April 29th… but I may not make it until then! Contest officially closes at midnight PST, April 28th.

That’s it — let’s start the contest! Good Luck, Friends!!



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Plastic Canvas Note & Pen Holder

Plastic Canvas Note & Pen Holder | PC Blog Hop

Plastic Canvas Blog HopOne of my favorite bloggers recently put a call out to the blogger-verse asking for participants for her annual Plastic Canvas Blog Hop. I’ve never worked with plastic canvas before (GASP!), and you know I love me a challenge, so I jumped on board. Also, the opportunity to be involved in a blog hop with a bunch of wonderfully crafty and talented peoples like Diane at Craftypod made my heart skip a beat. Seriously. She’s rad. And super witty – she makes me chuckle daily with her Tweets and photos of her fluffy cat.

So, like I said, this is my first foray into the world of plastic canvas. Now, I admit, I had a preconceived notion that all you could make with plastic canvas were tissue box covers in pastel colors….something like Grandma would make, right? No. There is a whole world of unique and cool things to make out there! (Really, there is – check this out)

I came up with my idea for the note and pen holder out of need – I wanted something cute to hold some packaging supplies. But then I realized that my super creative niece was turning 10 soon, so I decided to make it a gift for her. This required some funky color and bling in order to meet her standards.

I hit up Michaels for my supplies.Plastic Canvas Supplies

I grabbed two sheets of PC (just in case I failed miserably and had to start over), two different colors of worsted wool yarn, two of the blingy “yarn” types that they have right next to the PC, and a package of plastic canvas needles. More later on those yarn types….


Not knowing exactly how to start, I did some good old Googling and found this video tutorial on how to get started, including how to thread the needle and start stitching. This was most helpful, especially when it comes to changing your thread.

I practiced for a bit, then I drew up a plan for my project and cut out my pieces like so:

Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure Twice Cut Once

I then lined them up on my desk so it made sense:

All Lined Up

Then I started stitching each piece, one by one. I didn’t do any fancy stitching, I kept it pretty basic. One thing I DO have to say is that this part of the process is SO RELAXING! I could sit on the couch or on the bed and do this all day (which was great since I’m still supposed to stay off my feet until the baby gets here). Here’s a closeup of one of the pieces in progress, and as you can see I’m totally vegging on the couch. Like my laces?

Crafty Couch Potato

Crafty Couch Potato

Back to the yarn types…. the worsted wool was the best and easiest to work with. Those other two, not so much. They charge you a pretty penny for them too. The one with the silver wasn’t THAT bad to work with, but the other shiny black yarn… BLEGH! Lesson learned. In the future I will stick with the normal stuff.

Yarn Matters

Yarn Matters

I didn’t want to make it too basic so I did mix up the yarn and stitching a little bit..Side View

I left the bottom piece alone since I figured it would be covered by paper..

Where's my paper?

Where’s my paper?

The hardest part, and where the relaxation ended for me, was joining the pieces together. Unfortunately I didn’t capture this process on camera, but you basically do a whip-stitch around the two edges. Here’s another video tutorial showing how to do it (isn’t YouTube wonderful?).

Whip-stitch the pieces together

Whip-stitch the pieces together

Again, this is where the yarn matters! Pulling that shiny black stuff through the holes where yarn already resided was very difficult and a few times it tore apart said shiny black stuff. I had little flecks of shiny black stuff all over me by the time I was done. Hmpf.

But in the end it was pretty. :)

Shiny Black Stuff

Shiny Black Stuff

I made some note cards and note paper for my niece, found a flashy pink pen and gave her some washi tape and and eraser to go with the set.

For Miss Casey

For Miss Casey

The bow always makes a difference on a gift!

Nothing says a gift like a well placed bow

Nothing says a gift like a well placed bow

I don’t think she reads my blog, but if she does, she knows what she’s getting for her birthday. Well, a small part of it anyway, because I always SPOIL her! Finished

I tucked in the pen and washi tape under the bow, and laid the eraser flat so I can wrap it in cellophane for her birthday…I think she will dig it!

Ready to Wrap

Ready to Wrap

This was a fun project – now that my eyes are open to the PC world, I can start thinking up some other fun ideas to make. Don’t you LOVE learning a new craft?!

Be sure to follow the Blog Hop below and see what PC goodness everyone else has posted!

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Toddler Easter Ideas - Teacher Gifts, Thomas the Train Basket, Candy-Free Plastic Eggs

A Very Toddler Easter

Logan’s Easter Basket, Gifts for Teachers, and Candy-Free Easter Eggs for his Class!

Thomas hat on, playing with his Thomas trains...

Thomas hat on, playing with his Thomas trains…

I can’t believe Easter is already here. It’s scary to me because it means I’m less than 2 weeks away from Baby Day. Yikes! We are ready. I think. As much as we can be, I guess… Easter will be a great way to celebrate spring and new life, and a fun way to kick off a new adventure for our son Logan.

Logan’s Easter Basket – No Candy!

Logan’s basket this year was pretty easy to come up with. He is obsessed with Thomas the Train (what Toddler isn’t?), and I wanted to get him a few things that will help keep him distracted and occupied — he will be with his Auntie for a couple of days when Baby #2 arrives, and I know she doesn’t have every single episode of Thomas on her DVR like we do. :)

ALSO – we limit Logan’s sugar intake, so candy was out from the get-go. He’ll get some Easter cake and ice cream… that’s almost too much for him, so no need to get any chocolate bunnies or peeps!

Candy Free Easter Basket - Thomas the Train

Candy Free Easter Basket – Thomas the Train

I used a bucket and filled it with the following, most of which I purchased at good old Target!

  • 2 Thomas the Train DVDs
  • 1 Thomas the Train Good Night Book (He’s going to freak out over this one)
  • Thomas board shorts and rash guard shirt for the pool/beach
  • Thomas sunglasses
  • Two pairs of socks (not Thomas – could only find Cars, but they are in the same color scheme)
  • Three Thomas plastic containers filled with stickers
Containers filled with stickers!

Containers filled with stickers!

I know he will be SO excited about this basket! Does your Toddler love Thomas too?

Gifts for Teachers

Logan adores his teachers and the lovely front desk lady that helps me get him in the car every day (I’m not supposed to lift him!). He gives them hugs goodbye everyday and tells me about them when we are at home. SO, I don’t mind spoiling them one bit since they take such wonderful care of my little guy!

For his Eggcellent Teachers

For his Eggcellent Teachers

I put together a little gift for each of them using more finds from Target – gotta love the One Spot dollar bins!

  • Painted tin bucket — used a Sharpie paint pen to write their names on them!
  • Post it Notes
  • Dark Chocolate Bunny
  • Chocolate Eggs
  • $10 Starbucks Gift Card


Personalized gifts for teacher

Personalized gifts for teacher

I hope his teachers like these – I know they drink coffee, so at least they get a couple of trips to Starbucks!

Candy Free Easter Eggs for the Class

Eggs, Bubbles, Stickers

Eggs, Bubbles, Stickers

Logan’s class will have an Easter Egg hunt this week. The school requested candy free eggs (quite understandably!), so I opted for two toddler favs: Stickers and Bubbles!  Again, got all of this at Target….    hey, they should be paying me for this free publicity!! :)


  • Giant Egg of Eggs — comes with 19, perfect for his class
  • Pack of mini Bubbles
  • Sticker Pad with lots of stickers


The sticker pad was perfect — I simply cut out a bunch of stickers to put inside of the eggs.

Cut & fill!

Cut & fill!

I placed the stickers inside with the bubbles and put the tops on. Easy Peasy!

Bubbles & Stickers - Toddler Favorites!

Bubbles & Stickers – Toddler Favorites!

All filled up and ready to go.

All filled up

All filled up – note the reflection in the Golden Egg – yep, that’s mah belly!

Best part is I have leftover stickers and bubbles — always good to have on hand (especially in your purse) when you have a toddler!

What other candy-free items could we put in these eggs – any ideas? Do Share!

Hope you all have a great Easter Weekend!


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Favorite Things Pregnancy

Help for the Pregnant

Ya’ll know I’m pregnant. WAY pregnant. As in less than 3 weeks to go until Baby Day is officially here. It can’t come soon enough. It’s hard to move around these days, with this basketball sticking out of my mid-section, weighing me down, making my back hurt and making it impossible to bend over for even the simplest of tasks. If it drops or spills on the floor, it’s staying there at this point. And forget any shoes that require hands to put them on… I’m living in either flip flops or UGGS depending on the weather.


So I got to thinking about what I’ve learned over the past two pregnancies, and what really works for me. Whether it’s words of advice, products that work for me, or things I just LOVE right now… I thought it might be a good idea to share them with you. Whether you’re pregnant, plant to be, or will never again be, a lot of these are just good to know and good to have for any woman – things that are the best of what I’ve found so far and that bring me happiness or a little relief. :)

So here we go..

A few things in the kitchen…

If you know me well, you know I love my coffee and tea. I did wean myself off of coffee for both pregnancies (not easy!), but I still have my routine and still crave the flavors. It’s relaxing and comforting to have my cup of coffee in the morning and my chai latte in the afternoon.

While it’s super easy to find decaf coffee, finding decaf tea? Not so much. I’m a Starbucks Non-Fat-No-Water-Chai-Latte girl, and guess what — Starbucks doesn’t have decaf Chai. ARGH! So, imagine my elation when I was strolling down the coffee aisle at my local Albertsons and found this bad boy:

Oh yes, I was a happy camper. I didn’t even know it existed! This now lives in my fridge and an immediate trip to the store is required when I run out. You just add some milk and pop it in the microwave for a quick and yummy latte. You can pour it over ice too!

Another grocery item or two I can’t live without… Fiber. My system already runs a little…. well, SLOW, so when I am pregnant it is a hundred times worse. It took me a while to figure out the right way to manage it, but once I figured out the formula, I’ve been much more comfortable… Here is my recipe for keeping things going in mah belly:

Fiber Love

All-Bran Buds + Grape Nuts, Benefiber, and Smoothies with my Vitamix. I eat cereal every morning for breakfast with fruit (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, etc.) The All-Bran buds are the trick – there is a massive amount of fiber in those babies. They don’t taste bad either and there is very little sugar in them compared to every other cereal on the shelf. I like to mix them with the Grape Nuts to give me some more crunch! I also supplement with Benefiber for a little bit extra umph – I just put it in my coffee in the morning. Just don’t over do it – or you’ll be using one of the other products listed below more often than you’ll want to! And last but certainly not least – smoothies and shakes I make in my Vitamix. Can’t live without it and you can’t beat the nutritional value of a freshly blended smoothie — sometimes I add in protein powder since baby needs protein!

AND DON’T FORGET THE WATER! Drink more than you have ever before. I keep my water bottle filled and at my side at all times.

A few things in the bathroom….

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes  — these are the BEST. I wear a decent amount of eye makeup, including a nice thick crayon liner and mascara, and these babies take it ALL off! They don’t irritate my eyes at all, they aren’t greasy, they are just perfect. And easy and quick – which is just what I want when I’m exhausted from all this baby making. They say you don’t even need to wash your face after using them but I do – I still want my face squeaky clean after a long day. But even just as eye makeup removers, I am in love with these. Best place to get them? Costco – You get a big box of refills plus two travel size packs for what it would cost you to buy 2 at a normal store.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil -  If you’re pregnant, get this and use it everyday. Don’t question it, just do it. Your belly will itch and this will make it feel soooo much better. It smells like coca butter, which I find lovely, and so far I’ve been lucky to have avoided any stretch marks. I can’t say it’s because of this stuff, but it certainly can’t hurt! If you’re not pregnant – it’s a great moisturizer and helps diminish the appearance of scars, aging, etc. Love this stuff.

For your purse…

Gas-X - Just trust me. Keep them in your purse. Especially if you’re pregnant.

Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes - I originally got these for Logan, to clean his hands and face after eating and after playtime, but I find myself using them all the time too. I like them better than WetWipes – they aren’t as… WET (I find them slimy), they are softer, and they have a much more lovely scent!

Elastic Hair Ties – LOVE THESE! They are much more comfortable to wrap around your hair than anything else, and they are so cute! You can find them in any color and with or without sparkle. You can even make your own (hmmm…future tutorial?), and they look great on your wrist too, which is why I love them. I always, ALWAYS have hair ties on my wrist (to the point where I feel vulnerable without them now) because my hair tends to get a little unruly. I like to have the option to throw it up in a pony tail or bun if it’s driving me crazy, or when I’m having a pregnancy induced hot flash. These do just the trick and you can get them just about everywhere now.

Exercise – If you can. I say if you can because I could during most of my first pregnancy and I couldn’t during my second because of some medical issues. Let me tell you – the difference is incredible! Not just the weight gain, but my overall feeling of health and well-being, my energy levels, the aches and pains… it’s a whole heck of a lot worse. Can’t get to the gym? WALK! Or do a video workout. My favorite is Lindsay Brin’s Moms Into Fitness Pregnancy Fitness DVD – there is a DVD for each trimester and a KILLER postnatal bootcamp video that I swear by. It slimmed me right back down to pre-baby weight and shape after my first pregnancy, and I kept doing it for maintenance long after I had Logan – it’s a GREAT workout!

Some Pregnancy Specific Tips:

Sleep. Whenever you can. Trust me, you won’t for a while, and you’ll never get to “sleep in” again, so DO take advantage.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows. Stock up if you only have 1 on your bed – I have a Snoogle but even that doesn’t quite cut it for me. My hips start to hurt! I sleep with 4 pillows surrounding me for support.

Get Ready. Before Baby comes – get everything done. Get the car seat installed, get everything built, wash all the baby clothes, stock up on diapers, wipes, etc. And Fill up the fridge and pantry with easy eats. You won’t have time to do anything for a couple of weeks – you will be housebound, especially if you have a c-section. Protein bars were a staple for me right after I had Logan – quick and easy and nutritious.

Pack your slippers in your hospital bag, along with a robe and some extra pajamas so you don’t have to wear the hospital gowns the whole time you’re there. If you have a c-section, they will make you walk the halls, so best to cover up! :)

Take Offers for Help! Your friends and family want to help you after baby arrives? Let them! You can’t do everything on your own and you will be exhausted. Let them cook for you or take them up on their offer to help you clean or do laundry. You’ll want to do it on your own, but you should use any baby naptimes to nap yourself because like I said, you won’t be getting any sleep for a while.

ONE LAST THING — This book is a lifesaver and you will get your baby sleeping through the night by two months if you follow it. We did and Logan was sleeping through the night in his crib by two months. He’s now 27 months old and still sleeps from 8pm to 7am every night.

That’s all for now – I know this post isn’t crafty, but it falls into my Ramblings category :) Hope you got at least one tip out of it!

Do you have any pregnancy tips? Please do share in the comments!!!


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Customize Anything

Customize Anything!

So, I have a secret. No, it’s not THAT juicy, but maybe it will make you say “ooooooooohhh!!!”

It’s a company that I use to customize just about everything, that I absolutely love, and I want to share it with YOU because I think you might think it is awesome, too.

Now, I know a lot of the photo sites have products you can slap your pictures on, but this is different. Way different. Those other sites make you use their templates and more often than not you’re stuck with some lame graphics… or the pictures don’t quite fit in the space you’ve been given, etc. Not to mention, the product offering is limited – you can only gift so many personalized mugs and mousepads to the grandparents, right?

Shop & Create On ZazzleWell my dearies, let me introduce you to my friend and gift giving ally, ZAZZLE! Yes, Zazzle, maker of all things custom, and one of my happy places. We are talking about the ability to create just about anything using your OWN graphics and photos. The abundance of products is astounding – clothing, accessories, cards & stationary, tech accessories, office products, canvas prints & posters, home decor items….. I mean, you can even create SKATEBOARDS!

AND they sell products that designers create too, in case you’re not that crafty but looking for something unique. I even have a little store on Zazzle with a few designs…I haven’t put that much effort into it, but I plan to because I actually sold something!

I originally found Zazzle through a friend as a referral for my business cards. If you’ve ever ordered from my shop you’ve seen it – it’s a cute mini card with a lovely pearlescent sheen on one side.

Stickelberry Business Cards

Stickelberry Business Cards I made on Zazzle.com

Can you see the pearly loveliness?

Mini Business Card Dispenser

Mini Business Card Dispenser – comes free with the cards!

The best part about the mini cards is they come in these super cute card dispensers – you can be like, “want a card? (POP) Here ya go!”

Card Dispenser Close Up

Want a card? POP! Here ya go!

I also use Zazzle for my discount cards that I include in my orders (hey looky there, you get a discount if you’re paying attention)…

Discount Cards

Discount cards I made on Zazzle.com, and a discount for you!

..and for my stickers that I use for packaging. Lovely aren’t they? Very high quality! And also on sale RIGHT NOW.

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickelberry stickers I made on Zazzle.com

I’ve made countless gifts with zazzle including the mugs and the mousepads. I gave out Christmas ornaments last year to the grandparents that I made on Zazzle, and I even designed a baby T-shirt (T-Shirts are on sale now!)  for a surfer friend, adding her newborn to the San Clemente Surf Team.




This notebook is one of my favorites, featuring my little man at 6 months old..this is a great idea for Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts!

Custom Logan Notebook

Custom Logan Notebook

So seriously – go check it out. And right now there are some GREAT deals going on too. I’m about to hit up the 30% Off Canvas Prints sale for the nursery!

Personalized Graduation Invites & AnnouncementsShop Monogram Gifts & More

**Yes, Zazzle is a sponsor, but I chose them to be a sponsor, because I love and adore them. The opinions expressed above are entirely my own. If you click on the links above, not only will you get a great discount and some amazing products, but I will be compensated too!
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Free Easter Printable

Free Easter Printable, Just for Subscribers!

Confession time: I still have my St. Patrick’s Day decor on my mantle (GASP!). Seriously, I’ve been slacking again – but I’m TIRED! This baby is wearing me out, it’s like he’s doing an Ironman in there, constantly rolling, kicking, punching, hiccuping… I’m lucky my ribs are still intact.

I had some down time today so I thought I had better catch up with everyone else and get to work EasterPrintable2on my Easter mantle. It’s likely it will stay an Easter mantle for at least two months because I don’t have any hopes of re-decorating once the baby arrives! I started putting together a new printable to frame and had a lot of fun putting it together. Have I mentioned I have a slight obsession with fonts? I have almost too many to choose from but I can’t stop myself from gathering more. I featured a few new fonts that I found on Pinterest (Check out my Font board!) in the new printable.

SBEasterPrintableSo, without further adieu, just in time for Easter Month, if you’re a subscriber to the Stickelberry newsletter, a new printable will be in your inbox shortly! Wait – are you not a subscriber? Well you’re missing out! Sign up over there in the upper right of your screen and you’ll get a separate email from me with the printable in it – AND, you’ll never miss a post or other freebie again!

That’s it for now – see you guys soon!



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