One of My Happy Places

Jolee's Boutique Flower Embellishments

Jolee’s Boutique Flower Embellishments

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I was recently handed a crafty challenge, and boy do I love those! A chance to be creative and do something fun? You don’t have to ask me twice – I’m in!

Later this week I’ll post the resulting “submission” for the challenge, along with a full tutorial (yay!), but in the meantime I thought I would give you a little teaser and plug one of my favorite products.

If you scrapbook or make mini albums or handmade cards or whatnot, you may have seen these little dandies in the sticker aisle. These beautiful fabric flowers, some of them the size of a plum, all hanging beautifully on the wall next to the other dimensional stickers offered by this gloriously adorable brand, Jolee’s Boutique. I’ve used countless of their other stickers on cards and in scrapbooks – they are just so darn cute, and they are dimensional so they stick out at you and give your project that extra pop! But these flowers….they are a whole different ballgame. And there are so many different kinds and colors and patterns, I just say a big “wheeeeeeee!!!!” every time I get to that wall. That wall is one of my happy places. I can stand there for a long time. Longer if Logan isn’t reaching out to grab every. single. one of them.

My Pretties

My Pretties

So perhaps one of the best things about these pretty little poufs of fun, is that they are indeed a STICKER. So yes you can use them for your paper crafting and stick them on whatever you want. Cards, album covers, gifts, your head… they will stick. Ooh I just had an idea – they’d be cute on a frame too. Might have to try that!  ……where was I? Oh yes… while they are stickers, they are so easily sew-able as well – they have a felt circle on the back behind the sticky part that makes it very easy to sew them on to something. How great is that? And the sticky part is an added bonus since it will stick to the fabric temporarily while you sew — no pinning needed!

I’m using these pretty polka dot flowers on my crafty challenge this week and you’ll get to see how it’s done. I use these often on my bags and clutches too (like these cuties, here), it saves me a lot of time from having to create my own flowers. Of course, you CAN create your own flowers if you like, Pinterest has loads of tutorials – I’ve done the work and searched for you: Fabric Flower Tutorial.

Have I mentioned my Pinterest addiction? Yeaaahhhh… it’s a magnificent invention for time suckage, but I justify my addiction by saying it is a source of inspiration! 😀

You can find Jolee’s Boutique Embellishments at your favorite craft store or online at their website. I stock up when they go on sale or on clearance. Jolee’s did not pay me to say these wonderful things about their wonderful things, nor do they know how wonderful I think they are. This is just me, sharing my happy place. My wall of pretty poufs of fun. Whhheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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