When you witness the work of the Lord right in front of you… When you’re eyes see and your ears hear and your heart feels His presence.. that’s a #godstop and the closer I get to Him, the more often they happen. I’ve been mulling over something the Lord put on my heart recently, but ignoring it because of my selfish ways.. and today the Lord called me on the phone (via a friend he has used in the past to speak to me) and just made it crystal clear what I was supposed to do. He’s good like that. Any reservations or fears I was having, POOF! Gone. Thank you, Jesus.

It’s a busy season for me – wife, mom of two little guys, two dogs, MOPS-ing and Womens-ing at church. That’s a full heart and plate for me and it’s keeping me plenty busy, so for now I’m just going to push the pause button ⏸ on Stickelberry.

I have so many ideas for what it could be and where I could take it, and I look forward to making that a reality, but for right now it will be shelved so I can let the Lord guide me and focus on what is right in front of me. I won’t be taking on any new graphic or web design projects at this time. The online shops will remain open but custom designs will not be available.

Thank you for your support and love! I’ll still be here, posting art and things when I’m inspired to create and share. God Bless ❤️


#godstop #stepoutinfaith #focus #pause

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