Where are my posts? I was Hacked!

Bad news in Stickelberry land… my blog was the victim of some malicious code, and because I didn’t have the proper protocols in place (keeping regular backups locally on my drives), I lost a good part of this year’s content. So bummed! Totally kicking myself in the bum right now.

I lost my Ikea Poang Chair Slipcover tutorial (though I re-created it in case that’s why you’re here). I also lost my Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Plastic Canvas Note Holder, Customize Everything and New Baby posts! I may or may not re-create them. Right now I’m just too sad and too MAD.

The meanies slipped in and dropped some evil code that attacked every program file – but it actually happened a long time ago and was building up, destroying my stuff over time. My server host does indeed take backups, but the oldest one they had was long after the damage was done. Boo.

The good news is I have beefed up security and am taking the appropriate measures to make sure I can recover if this happens again.

It’s a sad sad world when someone attacks a CRAFT blog.

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