No Sew T-Shirt Hack

DIY T-Shirt Hack – No Sewing Required!

I’m all about easy these days, what with the 4 month old and the potty training 2.5 year old running me ragged. I want easy hair, easy makeup, easy and practical clothes…anything to make this chaos easier.

No Sew T-Shirt Hack

No Sew T-Shirt Hack


During one of my nesting phases I pulled out a few T-shirts from the hubbo’s collection of throw-aways that I thought I could turn into something fun and useful for myself.

So, here is one of those upcycle projects that is so easy, you’ll want to go steal all of your hubbo’s shirts and make your own! It’s perfect for working out or hanging out around the house in — and yeah, I totally wore it to the grocery store.


DIY T-Shirt Hack – Easy, No-Sew Upcycle Project


  • Large T-Shirt – knit material, preferrably soft and well worn, bonus if it belonged to someone you love
  • Scissors – sharp ones or you’ll get hacky
  • Feet. You’ll see.

1. Lay your shirt flat on the ground

Lay shirt flat on the ground

Lay shirt flat on the ground

2. Cut shirt as shown below. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and remember since it is knit, the edges will roll. If you want a deeper plunge at the neck, or longer armholes, make it so!


Cut shirt as shown here

3. Discard the arms and collar, but save that handy bottom piece!


Save bottom part of shirt

4. Cut the bottom piece at the seams so you have two strips, and throw one away – you only need one!


Cut at seam to make one long piece

5.  Flip your shirt over so the backside is on top facing you. Gather the center of the shirt in between those two armholes with your hand.

Gather back of shirt with hand

Gather back of shirt with hand

6. Center the strip you kept from the bottom of the shirt underneath the gathered back of the shirt.


Center the strip you cut from the bottom of the shirt underneath the gather

7. This is where your feet come in to play! Wedge those babies at the top of the straps so you can pull on the shirt without it going anywhere, and start to twist the ends of the fabric strip around the gather.

Feet make great tools - use them to hold the shirt while you twist

Feet make great tools – use them to hold the shirt while you twist. Thankfully my toes are hidden, because I sure need a pedi!

8. Wrap it around and around until you have two short ends left and tie them in a knot (or a bow if you want a bow?). You can choose whether you want it on the outside or the inside.

Tie a knot or a bow, on the inside or the outside (your preference) when you have two short ends left

Tie a knot or a bow, on the inside or the outside (your preference) when you have two short ends left

9. That’s it. Just ssssstreeeeeeetchhh your shirt out in every direction so the edges curl and you’re good to go

Stretch it out

Stretch it out

The finished product — I’m wearing a black sports bra underneath but I sometimes branch out and wear a hot pink or flourescent yellow one (fashion maven, I am).

                                         diy_tshirt_front diy_tshirt_back2

Selfies — All about the easy: bun and yoga pants, baby!

                        tshirt_diy_selfieback  tshirt_diy_selfiefront

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13 thoughts on “DIY T-Shirt Hack – No Sewing Required!

  1. Abbie

    I’m currently (i.e., as I’m typing this) attempting this but I had a question about washing these shirts. Does it matter that it has raw (unhemmed) edges? I guess I’m trying to think if it’ll like…unravel a bit or have a ton of loose strings after sending it through the wash…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to finish this little project up regardless but it’s good to know ahead of time. Thanks!!

  2. Elizabeth Roberts

    I just finished! Turned my boring free Planet Fitness shirt into a cute free Planet Fitness shirt! Win-win! Thanks for the tutorial! <3

  3. Yesi

    Did it with a tank I had from target that was too wide in the shoulders for my taste, made me feel so manly YUK!! now the straps are thinner and just feels so much more feminine. Thanks!!! @que.cute.accessories

  4. Heather E. Wyman

    Tried this out with a team t-shirt for a 5K today. I hate sleeved cotton t-shirts. Since the cool team logo was on the back Team Starbucks), this hack made it super easy to wear it “backwards”. I also left it a bit longer on one side to be totally unique. The BEST part of your demonstration was putting the feet in the tops. Worked perfectly. Thanks!


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