Graphic & Product Design


I love to draw  – I’ve been doodling, sketching and coloring since I can remember – and I am obsessed with fonts and hand lettering! I recently opened up a graphics tablet that had been waiting patiently for me in a drawer while I settled in to being a mom of two, and let me tell you, I am in HEAVEN! My sewing machine is now jealous of my Bamboo tablet… it’s tough deciding which one to play with during the little free time I have.

I have many things in my Zazzle Shop for sale featuring my artwork (in addition to fabric), and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll catch some of my daily doodles and designs. Check out the gallery below for some pictures of my work!


Contact Me if you’re interested in a quote for custom design work (cards, gifts, invitations, party goodies, shirts, logos, fabric, posters, etc.).

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