About Stickelberry

What is a Stickelberry, Anyway?

After marrying my husband (he’s “Stickel” + I’m “Berry”) and starting a family, I left the corporate world where I had toiled for 12 years and decided to follow my dream of starting my own business. What to call it? Well I believe Fate put my husband and me together to love each other, have an amazing family and create this awesomely cute and perfect name. STICKELBERRY!

So about this blog –  I get hit up for ideas, or people wanting to know what I’ve been making or doing, and most often it’s “HOW do you do that?” or “Where did you get that idea from?” — so this blog is for you all who are interested enough to follow the crafty bits. I share my passions and current obsessions, and I have been known to throw out some awesome deals and coupons every now and then, too. Because who doesn’t love a great deal?!

Over the years this blog has morphed into so many things, because it’s chaos inside my head — I have way too many tabs open. But recently I realized that what this blog was missing was probably the most important thing — my Faith. So I’m starting to incorporate more of that in everything I do, too. If it inspires you, reaffirms what you already know, or even sparks your interest, then I’ve done my job. If you’re not interested, just keep scrolling or move on.

011db4c50b980ba3c40e1ff0d9fd804687a56ac548So, Welcome! In addition to my posts, check out my shops at Spoonflower for fabric, and Zazzle  and LiveLaughGive on Etsy for gifts and other fun things designed by yours truly.

When I’m not focused on my shops, I’m working at my main passion, Salt+Clay – a community of Christian women dedicated to helping other women discover their beautiful purpose. Come follow us and be inspired!

Hope you enjoy & God Bless!

— Dani

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  1. Rhonda

    LOVE IT!! You make me want to attempt to sew! Your blog is so pretty. I need you to come over some evening and have a food/wine/blog tutorial with me. I will feed you food and wine and you will help me pretty up my blog! Stickleberry Rocks!!

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