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Answer to a Challenge: Embellished Onesie & Tutorial

A Crafty Challenge? Yipeee!!

A Crafty Challenge? Yipeee!!

Earlier this week I sent this picture out to the social world, accepting the crafty challenge that had been given to me. Inside one of the cutest baby shower invites ever, there was a plain white teeny tiny little baby onesie with that tag on it that you see in the picture over there. It wanted me to decorate it. I thought to myself, I would feel bad if I let it down, leaving it to a life of plain old whiteness, with no color or pizazz…or cuteness. So I looked at my stash of crafty supplies and got to work! I don’t know that it is prize-worthy but I think any little girl would look just adorable in it, especially in one of those newborn photos with her on her tummy and her lil’ butt sticking up in the air.

Onesie Front

Hearts on Front

Onesie Back

Flowers on Butt


Trying to Show Both.. ?

In case you weren’t aware, I love pink and black together (see my logo?). In fact, I’m wearing pink and black right now. It’s fun, funky and sweet at the same time. It’s girly with a little kick. Since I love the combo so much, I tend to gravitate toward crafty notions with those colors, hence the ribbons and flowers I ended up using for this project. This was all done by hand – no sewing machine required – and I was able to pull it off in one naptime session, including the time it took to take a billion pictures while I was working.

Of course there are a bazillion ways to embellish a onesie – there is no “right” way. Just add something cute in some crafty manner to it, and voila! This is just one way that you can make a plain old onesie cute with a few supplies, and without major sewing skills. You can use any colors, you can use any flowers, you can use just the ribbons or just the flowers.. whatever makes your heart sing. And you can use the ribbon hearts and the fabric flowers to embellish so many other things, too – so I’m hoping this inspires someone to do something.


Flower Headband

I had an extra flower left, so I made a matching headband too. Come on, can’t you see how cute that big old flower would be sticking out on a bitty baby’s tiny little head? Let’s all say it together, “aaaawwwwwwwwwwe!”


So let’s get this party started… here is how I did it!



The Stuff You Need


  • Plain Baby Onesie
  • Two lengths of ribbon for hearts, cut to 9″
  • Fabric Flowers (I used three)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pins
  • Fray Check*

*Fray Check is a handy dandy little liquid product that you can use to treat the ends of ribbon and fabric so that they don’t fray on you and unravel or get frizzy. It basically glues the edge shut. If you use it, be sure to let it dry before proceeding.

First Step – Make the Hearts!

This is an easy way to twist the ribbon to make a cute heart, and as I mentioned before, you can use them on anything you like. The oh-so-pretty pattern in the background of some of these shots is actually my ironing board cover (grins). I like to pin on it because it is squishy and holds my pins nicely. At this point I’ve already treated the ends of the ribbon using the Fray Check.

1. Fold Up

1. Fold Up

2. Fold down and Pin

2. Fold down and Pin

3. Fold to left and Pin down

3. Fold to left and Pin down






1.Lay the first piece of ribbon vertically, and fold the bottom half up.

2. Bend the right half about 1/2 an inch from the fold, and place a pin on the first fold to hold it in place.

3. Take the tail and twist to the left to make another bend, and place another pin.


4. Repeat on other side


Second heart

4. Repeat the same steps with the other ribbon tail to make the other side of the heart and join it with the bottom pin. Ta Da! There is your heart!

If you’re making more than one, follow the same process as many times as your heart desires (chuckles).


5. Press

5. To make this easier on myself, I pressed the hearts for a few seconds, so that the folds would firm up and not disappear when I went to place the hearts on the onesie. After pressing, you are ready to sew the heart on to the onesie!



Step Two – Sewing The Hearts on the Onesie


1. Place & Pin


1. Place and pin the hearts to the onesie so they don’t lose their shape, then thread your needle with the thread that coordinates with your ribbon. I did the pink one first.





2. Start from inside onesie


Start at base of heart

2. Starting from the INSIDE of the onesie, poke your needle through the base of the heart, where the two ends of the ribbon cross over (right below the pin). Pull your needle and thread through, and then go back through the ribbon to the inside of the onesie to make a stitch.



3. Stitch an ‘x’ at the base


3. Repeat, to make an ‘x’ at the base of the heart, which will hold the bottom of it in place. You can then remove the bottom pin.



6. Continue to Stitch around the heart

4. Stitch around the heart

4. Continue to stitch (in and out) up the length of the ribbon and around the whole heart. Don’t worry about it being perfectly spaced and whatnot, this has a “shabby chic” feel to it, so the handmade look is what you’re going for! Plus the thread color should blend nicely with the ribbon.




& Trim

& Trim


Knot thread ends

5. When you get down to the base where you started, tie off the threads together on the inside of the onesie, and trim the tail close to the knot.



Two sewn hearts

Two sewn hearts



Now your heart is complete! Repeat for your remaining hearts to embellish the front of your onesie.





Step Three – Adding the Fabric Flowers to the Rear

This part is easy too, especially if you use the Jolee’s Fabric Flowers that I am using, because they have a sticky back that is helpful to hold the flower in place on the fabric. No need to pin! These wonderful embellishments can be used on so many different things, which I’ve gone on and on about in a previous post.




1. Peel &

1. Peel &

1. Decide where you want to place your flowers, peel off the backs, and stick them on the back of the onesie.




2. Start under felt circle

2. Start under felt circle

2. Thread your needle with the coordinating thread for the flower, and start sewing on the underside of the felt circle, in between the flower and the onsie. This just makes it cleaner – I tucked the tail under the felt circle as I sewed around it.




3. Sew through circle

3. Pull needle through top and then sew back down through the circle, pushing through the top of the onesie to the inside.

Then stitch, going from the inside of the onesie, up through the felt circle and back down, in and out, all the way around the circle/flower. Sometimes it might be tough to push through – they adhere the fabric to the circle with glue – so try poking around until you find a soft spot.

Simply knot the thread on the top of the circle and trim the tail when you’re done (not pictured), and repeat for the remaining flowers. IMG_5244

I told you it was easy to sew these on, even if you’ve never sewn a stitch! I used the same process to sew the remaining flower on to a plain black baby headband as well.


So there you have it — now we have our adorable little onesie in all it’s pink and black cuteness. I hope I get to see baby girl dressed in it!

Onesie and Matching Headband -- Challenge Answered!

Onesie and Matching Headband — Challenge Answered!



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Glam Tank Top Tutorial


Glam Tank Top

Glam Tank Top

NOTE: This is my first tutorial. It should also be stated that I am a mostly self-taught sewer, with no professional experience, and I tend to go the lazy route. I’ll see something I like and try to recreate and improve upon it using the “Dani” method — the easiest, least time consuming way possible. Though I still strive for quality! 😀

This tank top happened one night when I had plans to go out with my girlfriends for a girls night — we are all moms, everyone except me having multiple children, so I’m sure you other moms can relate to needing a night out with your girls every once in a while. As my daily wardrobe usually consists of yoga pants, a tank top and sneakers, I look forward to actually getting dressed in grown-up clothes when I do get to go out for a girls night. I want to get pretty and feel like “I still got it!”

That's me, attempting to look like a pro

That’s me, attempting to look like a pro

While Logan napped in the afternoon I started ruffling through my closet looking for something cute to wear. There were plenty of cute things but they were all old, all had been worn before, and nothing seemed to fit the night’s agenda for dinner out in our downtown beach-side community of San Clemente. It’s casual. Like, really casual – most people sport flip-flops year round. But at night, the girls like to get dolled up, and you really want a balance of casual and chic. You don’t want to over do it, but you don’t want to look like you just came from the beach, either.

What to wear, what to wear! As I stifled the panic and anxiety, wanting to avoid a full-blown wardrobe meltdown, I wandered in to my sewing room – a haphazard mess of a room that is my happy place – and saw a gleam of sparkle coming from my stash of scraps. This nice shiny silver sequined thing that was left over from something I had made for my niece when she was going through her princess phase caught my eye. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cute to just slap that on a tank top and wear it with some white skinnies and wedges? OH YEAH! And I knew I could probably get it done before the little one in the next room woke up too, so I quickly got to work and made a whole new wardrobe item for that evening’s adventure in less than a half an hour. I took pictures as I went, knowing that I wanted it to be my very first tutorial.

Had to share this one — Logan got in on the action during my selfie:

Mommy’s Little Helper


Here is how I did it – this is a great project for a beginner!


  • A tank top – any color, any style. (Mine was a $5 black racer back bargain from Target, sort of loose fitted)
  • A piece of fabric with some bling. Length should be the length of the front of your top, plus 4 inches. Width – as wide as you want, mine was 4 inches. (I found mine in the remnant bin at Joann’s!)
  • Coordinating or contrasting thread. (I thought some neon yellow thread would be cool, but I didn’t have any so I went with black, the same color as the tank top.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>And now the fun part!

Lay your tank top down on the floor/desk/cutting table, and place your strip of fabric centered on the front of it. Place it so that there are two inches above the neckline, and two inches below the bottom hem. At the top, fold the edge over the neckline, once more under itself, and pin in place.

Fold over edge, fold agin under itself and pin

Fold over edge, fold again under itself, and pin

Pin your bling in place down the front – depending how squirmy it is, you may want to use a lot of pins to be safe.

Pin Pin Pin

Pin Pin Pin

Run a basic stitch at the neckline, about 1/4″ down from the top edge to hold your bling in place. Reverse stitch a few times at the start and end to make sure it is sturdy. If you don’t have a reverse stitch button on your machine, you can do it manually by hand!

Stitch across the top

Stitch across the top

Pull up the needle, turn the fabric so your tank top is perpendicular to you. Now change your stitch to something that will cover the edge nicely. The picture shows my settings – I wanted it to look a little ragged, not have a satin stitched edge. Note also my handwritten L & W to tell me which is length and which is width. 😀

My settings for the length stitch

My settings for the long stitches down the front of the top

Using your stitch of choice, sew down the length of your bling, keeping it’s edge right in the middle of your presser foot. This will keep it straight so keep your eye on it. Slow down if it gets away from you!

Keep edge in the middle of your presser foot

Keep edge in the middle of your presser foot

Your top should look like this now!

Halfway there!

When you get to the bottom, pull the needle up, cut the thread and pull out your top. Now do as you did at the neck of the top, and fold the bling edge over the bottom, fold it under itself and pin in place as shown in the picture.

Fold over the edge, under itself, then pin

Fold over the edge, under itself, then pin

Put your top back under your machine. Change your machine back to a basic stitch, and just as you did at the top, sew the bottom of the bling on to your tank top. Make sure you reverse stitch a few times on each end to lock it in.

Stitch across the bottom

Stitch across the bottom

Change the settings on your machine back to the stitch, length and width that you used for the length of the bling, turn your top so it is perpendicular to you, and sew that baby all the way up to the top!

Glam Tank Top

Glam Tank Top

Hooray! You did it! Feels great, doesn’t it?! Now you have jazzy little top that you can dress up or down using the bottom and shoes of your choice.

I’ve added this to the link party at Whipperberry too – be sure to check out the other great crafty tutorials there!

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