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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Zazzle

Mother’s Day Gifts from Zazzle

May is almost upon us which means that it is just about time to remind the Moms of the world just how special and amazing they are. I didn’t get it before, not really, but now that I am a Mom, I have the inside scoop. Being a Mom isn’t always easy — it is often hard, stressful, exhausting… but it can also be so amazing, joyful and full of SO MUCH love (it can’t be quantified!). Our Moms deserve props! So now is your chance to tell the Moms in your life that they ROCK, and to thank them for putting up with  loving you and taking such great care of you.

I hand picked a few items from Zazzle to share — some nice things I like and thought other Moms might too. A few of them have a little Stickelberry touch to them, but do check out the enormous selection of amazing gifts on Zazzle’s website — and take advantage of the Mother’s Day sale!

Now through MAY 4th – get 50% off Express Shipping by using code ZEXPRESS4HER at checkout!! 

I love these mirror compacts! They are so cute — they come in a few different shapes, a bazillion different designs and colors, and if you want you can customize them with a monogram like I did. Compact Mirrors

They are the perfect size for a purse or small clutch! It has the up close and personal mirror on the bottom, too…perfect for obsessing over stray eyebrow hairs. Mother's Day Gifts from ZazzleYou can find my designs here or browse through the entire collection available here.

Another one of my favorites, these cute paper journals are great for Moms who take notes, jot down ideas, doodle (my favorite pastime), and make lists! I love this design (not mine!) and hope my Mother-in-law likes it too (she’s totally reading this right now). Mother's Day Gifts from Zazzle Small enough to fit in your purse, and super cute. Here it is next to the compact mirror to give you an idea of the size. Mother's Day Gifts Ideas - journal

I love that most of them are customizable, so you can put in whatever words you want!  You can find this design here, or browse the entire collection here.

And now, hands down one of my favorite gifts (drumroll, please): The GINORMOUS, personalized box of chocolates. Mother's Day Gifts from Zazzle - Chocolate!No no no no… that picture doesn’t do it justice (but aren’t those kids cute?! You can put your own on it, obviously, but I like those little fellas right there ;)). Let’s try this one — check out the SIZE..Mother's Day Gifts from Zazzle - Chocolate!Seriously. That’s NOT a mini coffee mug – that’s like my everyday jumbo mug. The box itself is gorgeous, totally a keepsake item!Mother's Day Gifts from Zazzle - Chocolate!..and did I mention it’s full of CHOCOLATE!? Beautiful chocolate no less, and you can get all one type, a giant bar, or a mix like I did here. You can find this design (Stickelberry!) here, or browse through the entire collection here.

So… you have all these gifts, and you need something special to put them in, right? Mom deserves a better container than a paper gift bag. How about something cute, sweet, meaningful and REUSABLE? Enter the Mom tote.Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mom Tote BagIt’s perfect for everyday use, for anything she can think of.. groceries, books, toting stuff to and from your house, you name it. Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mom Tote BagThey are very affordable and they have a natural element that makes them so lovely, too. Does the design look familiar? 😉 Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mom Tote BagIt can be rolled or folded up into a tiny little square for easy, compact storage. Moms love that. You can find this design here, or browse through the entire collection here, and you may even want to try MAKING YOUR OWN with pictures of family!

Mother's Day Gift IdeasgSo there you have it! My favorite picks from Zazzle for Mother’s Day. Do go and check out what they have to offer if you haven’t already. zazzleLetterform_blackI also HIGHLY recommend signing up for the free trial of Zazzle Black, which gives you free shipping for 30 days, and then a nominal fee of $9.95 annually. This more than pays for itself if you order from them often (I’m guilty)!

Hope you Moms out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


*I am a Zazzle affiliate, which means I will make a teeny tiny amount of commission from any products purchased through my links. I wouldn’t share them with you if I didn’t love them!!!

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Fort Fun

Play Room Dilemma

Play Room Dilemma

We recently caved and decided to turn our dining room (which we never, ever used) in to a playroom for Logan. We are in a rental right now, so I can’t go overboard and do everything that I would like to do (i.e., chalkboard wall!), so I’ve been trying to come up with some easy but creative ways to make this little room a fun place for Logan.

Here is our dining table with the leaf removed. Makes for quite a nice little cave doesn’t it? I thought about putting sheets over it and cutting out a door and windows, or maybe hanging a giant tent from the ceiling and draping it over the table to make it look like a circus…(I know my husband is rolling his eyes right now).

Big Beast of a Box

Big Beast of a Box

I was thinking on it, and thinking some more, when there came a knock-knock-knocking at my door. Who was it? Oh, it was just Mr. Inspiration, at it again, gifting me with this magnificent ginormous box (which was, by the way, entirely too large for the item that was shipped in it!).

So many wonderful things could be done with this beast of a box! I was all over the place in my mind, coming up with different uses for the box, when all of a sudden the light finally went on and I knew what I had to do.


Super Stickel Logan

This box’s destiny was to become a Super Cool Fort for my Super Cool Son, Logan. YES! I wanted to start right away, but I’ll be honest with you – the box sat in the garage for a while, gathering dust, waiting for the day that it would finally be up-cycled.

Well folks, today was that day!


Here is how we did it!


Super Cool Fort

Super Cool Fort

  • Giant Box
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Heavy Duty Ginsu-like Scissors
  • Big Black Sharpie/Magic Marker
  • Scrapbook Paper (I used two 12×12 pieces)
  • Straw


First, (after dusting it off) I broke down the box, and sliced it open so it that was one long piece of floppy cardboard…

Break down box into one long piece

Break down box into one long piece

I then manipulated the giant beast to fit it around my dining table, bending as needed around the table’s edges — I had to manhandle it a bit, but in the end it submitted. If you don’t have a table, that’s OK, you can use the flaps at the bottom to help stabilize it.

Bend it around the table

Bend it around the table

Next, I cut out the door with my heavy duty scissors. These things are awesome, I think they can cut through metal (as seen on TV), but I have to say my hand was killing me by the time I was done.


Cut out the door

I used some of the painters tape to reinforce the flaps and just to secure it to the table. The painters tape will not harm the table, in fact most of it has already peeled itself off, but the fort is still holding strong!




Fun with a Sharpie

Now the fun part — a little Sharpie action! I drew in some boulder looking things, basically rounded rectangles, and filled in the gaps with black. Then I tried to add some texture with the lines inside the boulders.  IMG_4655


I felt like it needed a little more pizazz after this. I took the piece of cardboard that was left over after cutting out the door, Sharpied it, and sat it on it’s flap on the table behind the front of the fort to give it another tier.

Can I play in it now??

Can I play in it now??

I felt like it needed ownership – someone had to claim this fort! So I made a sign and a flag using the scrapbook paper and a straw..

Sign & Flag Making

Sign & Flag Making

And used more of the tape to attach them to the Fort. All Done!

Super Cool Fort for Logan

Super Cool Fort for Logan

 Linking to Whipperberry on Friday!



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