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By the Numbers

I happened across this amazing DIY Advent Calendar on Live Laugh Rowe and decided about a month ago that I would try to make one.

It’s brilliant — a hanging shoe rack has exactly 24 spots to fill with some decent sized goodies!

So of course I procrastinated and waited until today, November 30th, to make it.

While it’s not quite as beautiful as Kelly’s, the kids will go nuts over it, and that’s all that really matters, right?

Maybe next year I can start a little earlier… 😀



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Just for Subscribers — Free Printable March Calendar!

HeaderMarch is upon us…I call it The Green Month. A whole new month to start fresh, get organized and get things done. I’ve always been obsessed with all things office and organization. I often spent my lunch hours spending my hard earned dollars at the office supply store, because I just LOVE office supplies. Calendars, pens, pencils, cute pads of paper, post-its, organizers, cute folders… you name it! I had a darn cute cubicle once upon a time.

Are you that way too? Do you like cute calendars? Ones that you can write notes on or just glance at to figure out what day a certain date falls on? Well then, you’re in luck, and isn’t March a good time to be lucky? 🙂

Just for Subscribers to Stickelberry ~ a free printable March 2014 calendar for your desk/office/cubicle/padfolio/fridge!

If you’re already a subscriber, expect an email from me soon!

This could be yours!

This could be yours!

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Hope you all have a good March!

PS: Check out this list of March Holidays — I am especially fond of the 16th – “Everything You Do is Right Day”



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Wait… it’s December? Make a Quick & Easy Advent Calendar


This time of year always gets away from me. I always have all of these BIG PLANS to make crafty things and I usually end up getting around to like, ONE of them. Between the holidays and the 10 birthdays between Halloween and Valentine’s Day (and that’s just counting family!), these months seem to fly right by – December especially! At least my husband and I did ONE thing on time – we picked out our Christmas tree with help from our little elf, Logan. 🙂

Well.. we picked it out but it’s not fully decorated yet – it needs a few remaining touches to make it Stickelberry worthy. I plan to enlist the help of my little elf to finish that off too.

I did make something I’ve never made before, and even though I was a day late in putting it up, I’m still happy with the results; I don’t think Logan noticed that it was a day late anyway — he’s not even two yet so I think I’m OK.

After spending way too much time on Pinterest looking for ideas, I came up with a hybrid of my own to make an easy Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas. I thought it would be fun (and educational!) for Logan, and he would be giddy with joy when he happened to open up a day that had a little surprise in it for him.

I used the simplest of supplies — IMG_6234

  • ribbon
  • paper treat bags
  • small clothespins
  • scrapbook paper (Used Christmas themed)
  • mini stockings
  • little mesh bags I happen to have

I cut rectangles out of the scrapbook paper to fit inside the bags and stockings (25 of them!), and wrote the dates on them using a sharpie (so not fancy). I ordered my bags and stockings how I wanted them and put the dates inside, and chose a few special bags and stockings to place little treats in. I used stickers, Christmas socks, hot wheels, etc. Just small things that I know will make Logan happy.

I sealed each with a clothespin, and then hunted down a spot to hang this thing. I couldn’t use the mantle because I want to put the stockings there, and I wanted it out of reach this year because I know my son won’t be able to help himself and will try to pull them all down. SO, I used the curtain rod in our kitchen dining area and strung up two ribbons to hold all of the dates. Granted I have to hop up on a chair to pull each day out, but I won’t mind! 🙂


Hanging Advent Calendar


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