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Forever Young - Bob Dylan Lyrics - Free Printable

Forever Young by Bob Dylan – Free Printable!

Forever Young Lyrics - Free PrintableI’ve been sitting on this post  for a while – – I meant to post this a loooong time ago! My super cool cousin-in-law contacted me last year about making some nursery art for our other cousin-in-law who was pregnant with her first child.

They love Bob Dylan (baby was aptly named Dylan, by the way), and this song in particular, so she thought it would be a great idea to print out the lyrics for their nursery. I agreed! I thought it was so great, in fact, that I did the same for Vaughn’s nursery…which I haven’t shown you yet… because it’s still in progress… because I’m lazy  I’ve been busy.

Forever Young Lyrics - Free Printable

The lyrics speak to everyone, especially little boys and girls and they totally make me tear up every time I read them. The song itself is beautiful too, you can hear it here. There is another more recent version that is awesome too, by Rhiannon Giddens and Iron & Wine (love), which you can listen to here.

Forever Young Lyrics - Free Printable

While we thought this would be great for a nursery, its perfect for any little’s bedroom or playroom, or heck, put it in the family room!

Forever Young Lyrics - Free Printable


Forever Young Lyrics - Bob Dylan - Free Printable

Print Me!

Print yours here!

Forever Young Printable

Other Color Options:



It is formatted so you can easily cut it down to fit an 8×10 frame.

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Forever Young Lyrics ForeverYoung_Pink




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Children's Art Gallery

Children’s Art Gallery

Children's Art GalleryYour child brings home an amazing work of art, so of course you need to hang it up — put it on display for everyone to ooooh and ahhhh at, and to show everyone how proud you are of your little Picasso (and it gives your little ones all the feels). So on the fridge it goes…. but really, your little artiste deserves so much more! So why not create a gallery just for the kiddos?

This is a super simple project for even the not-so-handy, and of course you can personalize or change it up however you want — I’m just giving you the basic idea to get started if you want to make your own.

I chose a wall in the kids’ playroom to do this, where I had the space and where the pieces of art would fit right in with the “decor.”

I found a banner that was double sided, with some funky colors and patterns on one side, and a chalkboard surface on the other.Β It came with some great twine, but you can always find your own in any color. Children's Art Gallery

You could also make your own bunting using scrapbook paper, use or not use the chalk feature, purchase or print letters on your own, etc. The sky is the limit on this one. Children's Art GalleryI wrote “A”, “R”, and “T” out on the three of the pennants, and strung the twine through the holes. (If you’re using scrapbook paper, you’ll need a hole punch).Children's Art Gallery

To hang up the banner I just used push pins. πŸ™‚pushpins

For the artwork hangers, I found a bag of these cool chalkboard clothespins and decided to take the extra pennants from the banner I wasn’t using and cut out a shape to stick them to. clothespins3

I used my good old standby, the sticky dots. Children's Art Gallery

On the back of that stack I used a mounting square and stuck it to the wall. They come off easily, and leave no marks. πŸ˜‰ wallmounts3

Cute, right?Children's Art Gallery

My son’s Montessori school does the most beautiful art projects and he is always SO excited to bring a new one home and hang it up in the gallery. When it’s time to retire one, I take a picture of it with my phone and upload it to artkive — this great app that lets you create hardcover books of your kid’s artwork!

The Stickel Art Gallery… featuring the works of Logan G. Stickel.

Children's Art Gallery

Do you have an art gallery or wall for your kiddo’s masterpieces? I would love for you to share them with me!

Until next time!

xoxo, D

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Easter Printable by Stickelberry

Free Easter Printable!

Resurrecting this post from the pre-hacking days!

A free printable for you to add some spring to your decor — Just click, print and frame!


Free Easter Printable

Click to download and print your own!

XOXO, Dani

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Christmas in February?

Don’t put away those Christmas decorations just yet….

I wasn’t going to share my Valentine’s Day mantle this year, because honestly it hasn’t changed much from last year. I’ve been pretty busy… and lazy at the same time (it’s totally possible), so it hasn’t been a priority.

HOWEVER – I had what I thought was a brilliant idea and I decided to play around and give it a try.

The other day I started thinking about the decorations I use throughout the year and how I often re-purpose the generic things if they are the right color. Take red, for example – red is a primary color for several holidays, so it helps to have some red staples, like vases, dishes, frames, etc., that you can use throughout the year in your holiday decor.mantle_main


Some things that you might think are specific to just one holiday might be used for other holidays as well if you get creative about it.Β  I wanted to pull out the red tinsel and my red Christmas ball ornaments from my storage bins in the garage, but they were too high up and Hubbo was out of town. Bummer!

But then I noticed my giant yard candy canes hanging in the garage right in front of me, and at arms reach, too. Hmmmmm… I thought it might be a bit of a stretch, but then I realized that candy canes are PERFECT for Valentine’s Day, too! Yes! Seriously! Because, did you know, if you face two of them together, they make, like, the perfect HEART!?!? mantle_side

Yeah, they totally do. Aren’t I a genius?

No, I’m not, I totally stole the idea from my neighbor who did this on her lawn at Christmas time… but she doesn’t have them up now!Β  πŸ™‚


You would be surprised at how many things can be used to decorate throughout the year, even if they seem like they are specific to one holiday. Patience Brewster makes the most adorable and unique ornaments and decorations that are great for Christmas, but they are just so dang cute, you could use them year round. In fact I wish I had these little guys right here for my Valentine’s Day mantle – they are perfect!


So don’t be afraid to think outside of your holiday box or plastic storage bin – start mixing it up!

In the meantime, I’m going to save my pennies for this guy for St. Pattie’s Day!


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My New Obsession: WASHI

Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is my latest obsession. Tiny rolls of tape cuteness. My world has been washified.

It has been calling to me for a while, especially on my Pinterest feed, and I’m starting to see it everywhere! I finally jumped on the bandwagon after doing a little research, and thought I would share it with you. A little Washi 101 in light of the Back to School season. Maybe you can hop on the wagon too – Crafty Cuteness really doesn’t get any easier than this.


This adorable trend started in Japan — Washi is a natural paper and when combined with an acrylic glue, becomes a tape, just like masking tape. (Thank you, Wikipedia). Yes, masking tape – so it’s removable! And it isn’t your ordinary plain old dingy cream colored masking tape, it’s CUTE! You can find it in all colors and patterns, and you can do anything with it that your heart desires. There is no wrong way to washi!

Just imagine the possibilities – – you can decorate with it, put it on anything to spruce it up or make it unique. It’s great for scrap-booking, card making, decorating presents or gift bags, and you can even WRITE on it. Sweet!

Washi Love

Washi Love

I’m seeing a lot of your normal everyday companies jumping in on this cute trend too (like the duck tape trend, but that stuff is just too sticky and tough!). I found some washi at my local craft store made by their store brand, and

Cute tape - not washi

Cute tape – but not washi

SMASH has some cute rolls to use for their books that you can get at TARGET. But cute tape in general is everywhere, even if it isn’t washi… I found these cute packing tapes at Target too! They aren’t washi so they aren’t as removable, but if you’re careful you can use them for many different applications.

The best resource for washi is definitely the good old internet. There are a TON of Etsy shops selling this stuff, a lot of websites that cater to crafters, and of course there is Amazon, too. Some of my favorite sites are Wishy Washi, Cute Tape, and the Etsy shops Pretty Tape and Mind The Wrap.

There are even ways to make your own washi (oh yes!) that I haven’t tried yet, but you know I am always up for a challenge.

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping



Want some ideas? Well, for starters, I use it in my packaging — when I send an order out I include my business card and a little note and seal it up in a small glassine envelope with a piece of washi. I sometimes use it when I wrap gifts or send snail mail too – a little strip here or there to give it some pizazz!


If you’re looking for a way to use it RIGHT NOW, well I have just the thing. All the kiddos are heading back to school, and in my opinion a lot of the supplies out there are kind of tacky. So why not buy plain old generic ones and make them unique and fun with washi?!

Plain old generic school supplies

Plain old generic school supplies

Super Cool Washified Supplies

Super cool washified supplies









The kids will have fun with this too, because they can pick out their own washi and decorate their folders, binders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc., however they want!


Funky Washi


Cute & Sweet Washi

Even a lunchbox can be decorated with washi! You could put a piece or two on the inside and write a little love note to your kiddo every day. It peels right off!

Lunch Box Washi

Lunch Box Washi

I had some washi left, and I found this cute little pail in the dollar bin at Target. I thought, why not washi?

Pail full of Washi

Pail full of Washi

So there you have it. All about washi and some easy ways to use it. There are a bazillion more, of course. Like I said, there is no wrong way to washi.

Hope you’ve been inspired and will go out and washify your world! πŸ™‚


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