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Pillow Cover Tutorial

Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

I have all of this beautiful fabric from Zazzle to play with now (read about it, here!), so my creative juices are definitely bubbling! I think it’s the months and months and months of not having any free time or willpower (or sanity) to make things that has my creative brain screaming for some activity. Oh, babies.Pillow Cover Tutorial - Close Up

I really like the cotton twill fabric — it’s perfect for totes, clutches, curtains, pillows and other home decor items. But seriously, PILLOWS! I do love me some pillows, as they are the quickest and easiest way to change up your decor and bring a fresh new look into your room. Want some color? A pillow here, a pillow there and POW! Whole new house.

Thus, my Stickelberry friends, I present to you, the easiest way to make a removable (and washable) cover for a pillow! This is an easy project, perfect for beginners!

Pillow Cover Tutorial - SuppliesSupply List

  • Pillow (mine is 18×18)
  • Fabric — This tutorial uses one long piece, 19×44. Adjust as necessary to your pillow size, allowing an extra inch on the short side and double the length + (plus) 8-10 inches. (You can purchase the fabric I used, here!)
  • Thread – will show on the back so coordinate the color if you want
  • Scissors & Pins

A few notes before you start…

*I like a loose cover on my pillows so I can smash them — if you like a tighter fit, simply up your seam allowance on all sides and cut off the excess. You can also go back and round the corners if you don’t like them pointy.

**If you DO plan on washing your covers eventually, then DO pre-wash your fabric, please! Otherwise you may not be able to shove that pillow back in again.

1. Start by laying your fabric out, right side down, and placing your pillow in the center. I’ve folded one edge to the middle so you can see..if you fold both sides over the pillow, they will overlap significantly since you added 8-10 inches to the length. This is a good thing. Pillow Cover Tutorial

2. After centering your pillow on the fabric, you’re going to fold the left edge in an inch

Fold Edge

Fold edge in one inch

3. Then fold again and pin.

Fold again and pin

Fold again and pin

4. Repeat on the right side, fold in an inch, fold again and pin.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Fold Edge Twice and Pin

Fold other edge in twice and pin

5. Take the fabric to the machine and sew down each edge, back-stitching a few times at the top and bottom. Use whatever seam allowance you’d like as long as you’re locking in the fold.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Sew down folded edge

Sew down the folded edge

6. Doesn’t that look nice? Now Go do it on the other side, too.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Sewn Edge

Pretty Pretty Sewn Edge

7. After both edges are sewn, lay out your fabric again, but this time right-side up.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Pleace Pillow on Fabric right side up

Lay fabric down, right side up and center pillow again

8. Fold both edges over so they overlap and the fabric is as tight as you want it around the pillow, and pin at the top and bottom.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Fold Over

Fold edges over pillow, they should overlap

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Pin at Overlap

Pin at overlap on both of the raw edges

9. Slide the pillow out and re-pin to include the bottom layer of fabric that was under the pillow.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Slide Pillow Out, Re-Pin

Slide pillow out and re-pin both edge to include bottom layer of fabric

10. Back to the machine! Start at the top and sew all the way down to the bottom, pausing for some back-stitching where the overlap is along the way. I’ve placed my hand where the overlap is — be sure to sew all of the layers together.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Sew Down Raw Edge

Sew all the way down raw edges, back-stitching where the overlap is to reinforce it

11. Repeat on the other side, remember to back-stitch where the overlap is to reinforce.

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Sew 2nd Raw Edge

Sew down the other side as well

12. Inside-Out Envelope!

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Inside Out

Sewing Complete!

13. Turn your pocket of goodness right side out, use your poker of choice to poke out the corners (I totally use chopsticks).

Pillow Cover Tutorial - turn right side out

Turn your happy little cover right side out!

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Sewing Complete

Happy pillow cover!

14. Press

Pillow Cover Tutorial - Press

Press the cover – get the wrinkles out

15. Shove your pillow in!

Pillow Cover Tutorial

Happy pillow in the happy pillow cover!

That’s it — pretty easy right?

Pillow Cover Tutorial

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Fabric from Zazzle

Fabric Happiness from Zazzle

Zazzle Fabric by Stickelberry

New Stickelberry Designs on New Fabric from Zazzle

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been getting some happy mail lately. Nothing makes this gal happier than getting fabric delivered to my front door! And if it’s my own design, even better.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered that my beloved Zazzle is now offering custom printed fabric! I had to get on that, and fast. I normally print my designs with another vendor, but I have always been happy with Zazzle’s products, and wanted to check out the fabric for myself. PLUS – Zazzle always has THE BEST sales!


I’ve been feeling the corals and grays lately, so I came up with this collection of designs and ordered some swatches and a couple of yards to test them out.Zazzle Fabric by Stickelberry

I also worked on something special in blue that I’ll be sharing with you later.

Zazzle Fabric by Stickelberry

New Blue Squared Design – I have big plans for it!

The quality of the fabric I ordered is great, and they all came individually wrapped with labels on the packaging indicating the type of fabric and how it should be treated. So lovely!  And how beautiful are these swatches all serged up and everything?!

Zazzle Fabric Swatches

The swatches are SERGED!

The linen is especially impressive..

Linen Zazzle Fabric

Lovely Linen – Look at that texture!

The texture of the poplin is lovely as well! Polyester Poplin from Zazzle

Polyester Poplin

I couldn’t wait to dive in so I already made a pillow using the twill!

Zazzle Fabric Pillow by Stickelberry

Pretty Pillow made with my new Zazzle Custom Designed Fabric!

I will totally be posting the tutorial for this envelope pillow cover shortly, so stay tuned! And as I mentioned, I have something special planned for the mysterious fabric in blue, which btw I have pre-washed and I haven’t noticed any fading – it still looks beautiful!

Zazzle Combed Cotton

Blue Squared Combed Cotton

Zazzle has the following 7 fabric choices:

  • Combed Cotton
  • Pima Cotton
  • Cotton Twill
  • Polyester Poplin
  • Polyester Weave
  • Ivory Linen
  • Natural Linen

I made the pillow using the cotton twill, and plan to make some bags out of it as well!

So, DO go check out the fabric on Zazzle – – there are loads of beautiful prints to choose from, or you can design your own (so fun!). Also, if you like my prints, you can find them here in my Zazzle Shop. They can be ordered in any of the fabric options that Zazzle offers!
Shop Custom Fabric on Zazzle
*I am a Zazzle Affiliate – Items purchased via these links will result in this Mama earning a wee bit of commission, and thus help me to keep on keepin’ on as a SAHM. But I wouldn’t post about it if I didn’t stand by it 100%!


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Eyeglass Case from an old Tie

Old Tie, New Trick! Upcycle into a Case for your Glasses

Cut the tieI got the sewing bug yesterday! After going through our clothes and creating a donation pile, I sat there staring at all that beautiful fabric that was about to leave my house. I couldn’t handle it.

Surely I could use some of it for something

I grabbed the prettiest tie in the pile and got to work. I only had a little bit of time until the littlest one woke up from his nap, so this is what I came up with. It’s super easy, and very quick, and I think it’s just really darn cute! I took pictures after the fact but it should be easy to follow.

Grab a tie, some scissors, velcro, a needle and thread!

1. Cut the tie. Helps to have your glasses handy to measure

Cut the tie

Cut the tie

2. Unfold the tie and reverse it so it is inside out, and sew across the bottom. I used a machine for this but you can do it by hand!

Unfold, Flip, Sew Across the bottom

Unfold, Flip, Sew Across the bottom

3. Flip it back so it is right side out and sew on your velcro pieces (I did this by hand). There is a gap where the seam of the tie meets that is not sewn together, so I made sure to sew that velcro piece on to both sides to help keep the tie closed.

Sew on Velcro Pieces

Sew on Velcro Pieces

4. Put your glasses in and close that baby up!

Your New Case

Your New Case

Now you never have a reason to get rid of a beautiful tie again! This would make a great gift for Father’s Day, just make sure you have Daddy’s permission to use one of his ties.  🙂


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Paper Doily Now Available!

I received my swatches, made a few edits, and voila!

The following prints are now available in my Spoonflower Shop for purchase:


Paper Doily fabric now available on Spoonflower!

Paper Doily now available on Spoonflower!

Also available in RED!


These prints are set with a brick repeat (staggered) – so a full yard will look like this:

Yard View of Paper Doily Fabric

Yard View of Paper Doily

You can purchase any of the colors (or any other of my prints) as wallpaper, gift wrap or fabric. Several different fabric choices are available:

Spoonflower Fabric Choices & Prices

Spoonflower Fabric Choices & Prices

I’m excited about them! Just waiting for some swatches in a coordinating design to come in so I can order and hit the sewing machine!



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More Design Updates!

Delivery Man Problems and Playing with Colors

So I mentioned I’m supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible, right? Yeah. What’s a gal to do when she can’t do anything? I would feel completely useless and lazy if I watched TV, so I just won’t do that…unless I’m also eating — then it’s OK because I’m really multitasking and I can’t do much else while I am eating anyway. Though I do eat a lot….

ANYWAY! I’ve been spending a lot of time on my laptop lately — planning baby #2’s room, ordering everything we need, thinking about how I can still grow my business without doing any sewing (Ha!), and brainstorming about designs for fabric that I can use for my own products. Normally I really don’t have much time to do this stuff, so I’m really not complaining!

But speaking of ordering things online… I ordered the crib online along with many other things for the room, right? Well, seeing as how I am almost 7 months pregnant and supposed to be limiting my activity (I’m not supposed to lift anything more than 10 pounds), I’ve been trying to catch the delivery guy when he comes to the door so that I can ask him to please put the packages INSIDE the door for me. Sadly, this has YET to happen! He knocks and runs away before I even figure out I heard something.

So today I was in my kitchen, which gives me a nice view of the front porch, and I SEE Mr. Delivery man walk up. So I get up and walk over to the front door expecting to catch him before he even knocks. I open the door, and this is what I find…

Thanks for the Crib

Thanks for the Crib

So obviously I wasn’t going to move THAT on my own. There is even a “Please Knock” sign on the door which he so rudely chose to IGNORE. I closed the door and let it go and went back to sitting.

About an hour later I heard a knock at the door, so I got up again and walked over to open it. Of course, there was no delivery man in sight, but I peeked over the gargantuan box blocking my doorway and saw this…

Gee, Thanks Again!

Gee, Thanks Again!

…and so, there they shall sit until my husband comes home and can move them into the house (hopefully without breaking his back?).

Now, Back to Work!

I really enjoy making the tote bags, so I wanted to expand my fabric collection to include some large print patterns that would POP on a big shoulder bag. I took my Flower Burst design and inverted it so that the background was dark and the flowers were lighter, and played with several different colors that I personally wouldn’t mind walking around town with. I wanted to make sure they coordinate with some of my other designs, so I can mix and match the lining fabric.

This is what I came up with! The orange is all new – I haven’t used orange before, BUT I think orange goes with a bright pink or a bright green quite nicely! I can use my other Flower Burst designs, my Chevron designs, or my new Paper Doily designs for lining. I’m looking forward to getting back on my machine…

Flower Burst in Solid Colors

Flower Burst in Solid Colors

Check out the other designs in my Textile Gallery and see what fabrics YOU think would look great with the new Flower Burst Solids. I’m always up for hearing what you guys have to say, and love getting your feedback and suggestions!




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