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Last Minute Irish Mantle

St. Patrick’s Day in the Stickelberry House

Framed and ready for display!

Framed and ready for display!


As I mentioned before, St. Patrick’s Day has never been a big “To Do” in my house, but I wanted to at least do a little something for my little man. I shared with you a Free Printable that I created – I’ve framed that and found a few other items to put up on the mantle to make it festive.

Everything came from Michaels – gotta love that store! And right now, all of the St. Patrick’s Day decor is 50% off, so if you’re looking for some last minute items, go there first! This frame was 40% off and I had a coupon for an additional 25% off of all frames. Love my Michaels app with instant coupons!



I made a simple mini-bunting using scrapbook paper – you know I love my sparkles! I found this great gold piece and a muted polka dotted green piece.. I cut out a few triangles by hand (nothing fancy!).

Pretty Papers... Pretty Ribbon...

Pretty Papers… Pretty Ribbon…

I punched some holes and strung them on a bright glittery green ribbon that I found in the $1 ribbon bin near the door (score!).IMG_7098

I’m often working right next to or even ON my laptop.

Workspace.. or lack thereof

Workspace.. or lack thereof

I found this awesome little chalkboard in the dollar bin too (double score!).

Lucky to Find This Guy for $1

Lucky to Find This Guy for $1

The greenery in the vase is from the St. Patrick’s Day decor section – they are clovers on stems, and they sparkle too!mantle1

…and that’s it. Nothing major, but it gives the house a little bit of cuteness and makes it festive for Monday’s Corned Beef & Cabbage meal. :o)

Our Irish Mantle

Our Irish Mantle

Looking for that Free Printable? Look no further!

St Patricks Day Printable




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LOVE – Free Printable!

Love Week Continues!

For Day 2 of Love Week, I bring to you a free printable! Just print, trim and frame in your favorite 8×10″ frame. I’ve included score marks to make it easy for you to trim your 8.5×11″ paper to 8×10″ if you need to.

Valentine Printable

I used an affordable red metallic frame with a white mat in it — it was super affordable with my handy dandy Michaels App that always gives me at least a 40% off coupon! Seriously, if you’re a crafter and you spend any time at all in the major stores like Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, etc., get their App on your phone for insta-savings!

Frame matted to 8x10

Frame matted to 8×10

I used my new doilie print for the O, since it has a lovely valentine vibe to it!

Love this LOVE Printable!

Love this LOVE Printable!

I put mine on my mantle – I plan on sprucing up the rest of THAT today.

Mantle - Still in the Works

Mantle – Still in the Works

Click Here to Download!

Click Here to Download!

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Now on to tomorrow, Day 3 of Love Week — Teacher Gifts!




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Grandparent Love

Grandparent Love – Free Printable!

Don’t want to print? You can now order these as 11×14 prints or printed on canvas through my Zazzle Shop! More color choices & options are available – including the ability to modify the names at the top!

Who doesn’t love Grandparents? I mean they love and adore you, and they love, adore and spoil your children… they are what love is all about. Of course they can drive you nuts sometimes, but in this case the good outweighs the crazy, right? It’s always fun for me to come up with gifts for the grandparents – birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas – I love the challenge of finding something really good.

On my side of the family, if my Mom cries then I know I did good, because that means she really appreciates it. The crying is a good thing – we are all ridiculously emotional, and in fact, I’m probably the worst. But when you get us in a room together, if one starts crying… within a minute the rest of us do too. My husband thinks we are all crazy, and while I wouldn’t challenge that opinion, I don’t mind it so much. Except when it happens in public. 😀

House Rules - Click to Download

House Rules – Click to Download

I was looking for a gift idea a while back for my father-in-law and came across this great sign on Pinterest, only when I clicked on it, the image didn’t lead me anywhere to purchase it or download it or anything. It was this wooden sign that had Grandparents’ House Rules on it. It was adorable! I was bummed I couldn’t find it anywhere, but then I thought to myself, why not just make one and frame it?

So I did! It was fun being able to choose my own fonts and eliminate the lines I wasn’t fond of. I didn’t take a picture of that first one I made, but when my Mom finished designing her new kitchen, I thought that the sign would be a great addition; a finishing touch to her new masterpiece.

In Grandma's Kitchen

In Grandma’s Kitchen


It was simple enough to do — after editing the sign a bit (I made hers custom, using her last name, and changed the color), I printed it out and went to my local craft store to get a frame, a mat, and some ribbon that coordinated with her kitchen. I slapped it all together and tied a bow for the corner to give it some cuteness, and voila! Super cute Grandparent gift.

I know gifting doesn’t come easy to everyone, and sometimes it’s just hard to find the right thing. So I hope that this helps some of you out when inspiration isn’t speaking to you when you need it most!




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Click here for your free printable:


House Rules

Grandparents’ House Rules

Grandma's House RulesUpdated December 2013 – Grandma’s House Rules – available here (in two colors):





Don’t want to print? You can now order these as 11×14 prints or printed on canvas through my Zazzle Shop! More color choices & options are available – including the ability to modify the names at the top!


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