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Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle

A Very Custom Christmas with Zazzle

I love gifting — it’s really my favorite part of the Holiday season. Finding the perfect gifts, wrapping them with all the cuteness… bring it on! Customized gifts are the best gifts ever because they have that personalized touch. They are fun to create, and nothing beats the reaction of someone who has just been given a gift made especially for them. The thoughtfulness of a customized gift is always appreciated!

This, my friends, is why I love Zazzle so much.

So I’ve picked out a few of my favorites this year to share with you, in hopes that you can find some inspiration for your holiday gift-giving.

I love the stamped jewelry trend, and Zazzle makes it so easy to order. This gorgeous circle pendant I had made for my sister — the initials c & t are for Casey and Trevor, her two kids. Custom Christmas Gifts from ZazzleI just love the rustic but still chic look of it. Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle

And my goodness, can you say packaging love?! I’m a sucker for natural wrappings. Custom Christmas Gifts from ZazzleYou can find this necklace available to be customized here.

Another favorite of mine are prints on wood. These are soooo cool. Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle They come in various sizes, and come with a cool little stand so you can put in on a shelf instead of hanging it. Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle

I chose a picture of my boys walking down the sidewalk and added a lovely brother quote. Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle

These look great in color, sepia tone or black and white. Such a fun and unique gift! You can create your own wood print here.

I wanted to find a good family gift — or a gift for the kids — and I found one that suits both with this custom puzzle! My boys both love doing puzzles and we do them together ALL THE TIME. Custom Christmas Gifts from Zazzle

I decided to use a brother picture from this year’s school pictures so that it would be fun for the boys to work on it together. Custom Christmas Gifts from ZazzleHere is Logan trying to figure it out! You can create your own puzzle here.

Last, but certainly not least, a gift for the fur-baby or your favorite fur-lover. Custom Christmas Gifts with Zazzle

These dog bone ornaments are SO CUTE! Custom Christmas Gifts from ZazzleYou can choose the color of the writing and customize the name — I can’t wait to give this to Akino’s Mommy & Daddy for Christmas! Custom Christmas Gifts from ZazzleYou can create your own dog name ornament here.

So there you have it – some of my favorites for this season! Be sure to check the coupon page before shopping, as there is ALWAYS a good deal happening at Zazzle!

Shop Holiday Gifts on Zazzle

*I am a Zazzle affiliate and will receive a small compensation for any products purchased via my links. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t love it!

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Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

Wrap it up! Under my tree this holiday season…

Hello, my name is Danielle, and I hoard wrapping paper.Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

I bet you thought I was going to say FABRIC! Well, that too, but I really love wrapping paper almost as much. All things paper, really. The colors, the designs, the way you can make something that is blah look so beautiful with something as simple as paper…

You know how much I love gifting and wrapping presents, so Christmas presents (see what I did there?) a wonderful opportunity for me to get my creative on every year. This year in particular is going to be sweet because of the greatest find ever — wrapping paper on ZAZZLE!

Oh yeah – my favorite customization shoppe has an enormous collection of designs, some you can even personalize before you order! And we are talking all kinds of color here, not just your everyday normal red and green (though they have that too!). The quality is great, it’s very easy to fold. You can get rolls in different sizes, and you can select a matte or glossy option (I myself am a matte girl).

Save Before you ShopAlways go to the Deals Page FIRST and grab a discount code!

Here are some of my favorites — I went with some non-traditional color schemes and designs.

I’m really loving all things Navy right now, especially with white and gold…. Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

This is one of my designs! It also comes in red and teal…I love how large the print is and the Navy is just gorgeous. Navy Christmas Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

Don’t you love that faux gold herringbone print as well? You can find that one here. Navy, White and Gold Christmas Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

I love red, black and white for a wintry color scheme as well. I found these two prints and went gaga over them. Black, White and Red Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

The chalkboard printed tree is so cute! I added a felt red ribbon and a chalkboard clothespin to hold my tag. Chalkboard Tree Print

And this large format print is just SO COOL!Large Print White, Red and Black Wrapping Paper

These cute little tree round tags I found at the craft store go perfect with it! deerhead

Let’s not forget our best friends, the dogs in our life. Or the dog lovers, they’d like this wrapping paper, too! Dog Wrapping Paper for Christmas A little twine and a chalkboard tag to make it even more adorable.. Dog Wrapping Paper for Christmas

So be UNIQUE this Christmas!

Don’t get stuck wrapping your gifts using the same paper as everyone else!


Check out the entire holiday collection of wrapping paper available on Zazzle, or even better, try to CREATE YOUR OWN! Make a collage of family pictures to wrap family gifts with, or make one roll with just pictures of each child and wrap their gifts in them…

So many opportunities for cuteness, people!

Happy Wrapping!
Up to 65% off on Zazzle.com

*** Affiliate Disclosure: I am a Zazzle affiliate and receive a few pennies if you purchase through my links. But I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t LOVE it, people! XOXO, -D

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My New Obsession: WASHI

Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is my latest obsession. Tiny rolls of tape cuteness. My world has been washified.

It has been calling to me for a while, especially on my Pinterest feed, and I’m starting to see it everywhere! I finally jumped on the bandwagon after doing a little research, and thought I would share it with you. A little Washi 101 in light of the Back to School season. Maybe you can hop on the wagon too – Crafty Cuteness really doesn’t get any easier than this.


This adorable trend started in Japan — Washi is a natural paper and when combined with an acrylic glue, becomes a tape, just like masking tape. (Thank you, Wikipedia). Yes, masking tape – so it’s removable! And it isn’t your ordinary plain old dingy cream colored masking tape, it’s CUTE! You can find it in all colors and patterns, and you can do anything with it that your heart desires. There is no wrong way to washi!

Just imagine the possibilities – – you can decorate with it, put it on anything to spruce it up or make it unique. It’s great for scrap-booking, card making, decorating presents or gift bags, and you can even WRITE on it. Sweet!

Washi Love

Washi Love

I’m seeing a lot of your normal everyday companies jumping in on this cute trend too (like the duck tape trend, but that stuff is just too sticky and tough!). I found some washi at my local craft store made by their store brand, and

Cute tape - not washi

Cute tape – but not washi

SMASH has some cute rolls to use for their books that you can get at TARGET. But cute tape in general is everywhere, even if it isn’t washi… I found these cute packing tapes at Target too! They aren’t washi so they aren’t as removable, but if you’re careful you can use them for many different applications.

The best resource for washi is definitely the good old internet. There are a TON of Etsy shops selling this stuff, a lot of websites that cater to crafters, and of course there is Amazon, too. Some of my favorite sites are Wishy Washi, Cute Tape, and the Etsy shops Pretty Tape and Mind The Wrap.

There are even ways to make your own washi (oh yes!) that I haven’t tried yet, but you know I am always up for a challenge.

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping



Want some ideas? Well, for starters, I use it in my packaging — when I send an order out I include my business card and a little note and seal it up in a small glassine envelope with a piece of washi. I sometimes use it when I wrap gifts or send snail mail too – a little strip here or there to give it some pizazz!


If you’re looking for a way to use it RIGHT NOW, well I have just the thing. All the kiddos are heading back to school, and in my opinion a lot of the supplies out there are kind of tacky. So why not buy plain old generic ones and make them unique and fun with washi?!

Plain old generic school supplies

Plain old generic school supplies

Super Cool Washified Supplies

Super cool washified supplies









The kids will have fun with this too, because they can pick out their own washi and decorate their folders, binders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc., however they want!


Funky Washi


Cute & Sweet Washi

Even a lunchbox can be decorated with washi! You could put a piece or two on the inside and write a little love note to your kiddo every day. It peels right off!

Lunch Box Washi

Lunch Box Washi

I had some washi left, and I found this cute little pail in the dollar bin at Target. I thought, why not washi?

Pail full of Washi

Pail full of Washi

So there you have it. All about washi and some easy ways to use it. There are a bazillion more, of course. Like I said, there is no wrong way to washi.

Hope you’ve been inspired and will go out and washify your world! 🙂


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