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Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

Valentine, I’m Stuck on You

February. Love Month. Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

You know I love it!

I couldn’t wait to get started on this year’s Valentines for the boys, but I wanted to make it easy and do something personal that I know everyone would love.

I went with my favorite custom shop, Zazzle, to design and print these adorable business card-sized Valentines with stickers featuring my boys! Bonus: They can help me put them together so they can tell all their little friends that they helped make them.

Everyone loves stickers…. and my boys sure do love seeing themselves on a sticker. Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

This is a perfect project if you have multiple kids that you need to shell out Valentine’s for, because you’re ordering a whole box of business cards. I get all my business cards through Zazzle – the quality is great and it’s such a great value!

With my two boys and their classes and friends, we will use most of the box. If you don’t need THAT many cards, consider going in together with another mom — that’s an even better deal and you could have a valentine-making party! Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

The stickers are great – I opted for the heart-shaped stickers, since it is Valentine’s day, but you can get them in circles as well. You could also use regular store-bought stickers, but I think the personal touch makes these cards wayyy more cute and fun! Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

The only supplies you’ll need are some kind of adhesive, such as scrapbooking tape or a tape runner or sticky dots. I had this Scotch double-side tape on hand and it did the trick just fine. Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

I cut out my stickers — you can cut squares or make the effort to cut out around the heart (I did NOT have the patience for that on this day…). Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

My cutie.Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

Place the adhesive on the back of the sticker and then put the sticker on the card where it says “Place Sticker Here” (convenient, right?). Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

Then just have your little one sign his or her name, or do it for them, and you have a super cute Valentine with a sticker that their friends can play with. Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

Everyone loves stickers! Valentine, I'm Stuck on You Cards

You can find the cards here and design your own stickers here.

Be sure to check out the coupon page before shopping, there’s ALWAYS a good sale on at Zazzle!


Shop Valentine's Day Gifts on Zazzle.com

PS. I am a Zazzle affiliate and will earn a small commission from any products purchased via my links. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t love it!

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You're A-Maze-Ing Valentine by Stickelberry

Valentine, You’re A-MAZE-Ing!

How about an easy, no-candy, no-fuss Valentine for your child’s class? I have you covered my friends!A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

With very little effort, you can aMAZE your child and all of his buddies and give them something they all love — a puzzle and a pencil. I mean, the little things really get them excited at this time in their lives…. although, I tend to get excited about pencils, too. :o)

A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

I have to say, creating a maze wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be – it took way longer than I thought it would! But it was super fun making it. (<—- Geek.)

A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

I’ve made it easy this time — instead of fighting with your printer and paying for new ink cartridges (really, my printer is my nemesis), you can order these babies and have them sent to you!

A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

Then all you’ll need is a hole punch and a few minutes of time — you can even enlist your little guy or gal to help punch holes or insert the pencils. So easy!

A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

They are double sided — the side with the maze has a matte finish, while the “Happy Valentine’s Day” side is glossy like a postcard – in fact that is exactly what they are, and they are nice and sturdy.

A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

You can order your cards here in my Zazzle shop — be sure to go to the coupons page first because there’s always a sale! —> Now through 2/4 get 50% off all Valentine’s Gifts using code 5GIFTSJUST4U at checkout!

And you can find these super duper cute matching pencils on Amazon here!


A-MAZE-Ing Valentine

Here’s to a stress free Valentine’s Day!

Oh and if anyone has any printer recommendations, please do feel free to comment. :o)


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Mothers Day Card and Gift Tag

Mother’s Day Card & Gift Tag – Free Printable

Who doesn’t love Mom? Here’s a free printable available in red or black — just print and cut! (Re-post)

Mom Card & Tag Printable

Print on heavy paper – cardstock works great!

Mom Card & Tag Cut Out

Cut the card and tag out. Fold the card as instructed, and punch a hole in the tag

Here are the documents to print:



Need other ideas for Mom? Check out these items in my Zazzle store!

Red Mom Mug Black Mom Mug



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

995846_587928034631938_368938545_nAs we conclude Love Week, I want to send Love & Hugs out to all of you and wish you a wonderful day. We get so caught up in decorating and making sure our little ones are handled that we may overlook or forget about our significant other…. SO, if any of you are still left scrambling for last minute ideas, here are a few that I found on Pinterest that might be worth a shot! I did do one of these myself today, though I’m not going to tell you which one! 🙂



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Valentine’s Day Mantle & Why I love those Window Decals

It’s Day 4 of Love Week!

Nothing says lovin’ like a dressed up Valentine’s Day mantle! I didn’t go overboard this time; usually it ends up looking like Valentine barfed all over my mantle – I often have a hard time knowing when to stop. But I restrained myself this time, knowing that more than just my family would be seeing this year’s love fest.

Love Fest 2014

Love Fest 2014

I have a hard time taking good pictures of my my fireplace and mantle because of that sliding glass door over there on the right side — it lets in a massive amount of light. I’m just not photo-savvy enough (yet!) to figure out how to adjust properly. But I think this one came out ok.

My mantle features a few items from my recent posts! Here’s my LOVE Printable and my easy Heart Garland

Recent LOVE Printable and Heart Garland

Recent LOVE Printable and Heart Garland

In the center I have our wedding signature frame – it’s full of loving sentiments from our friends and family that attended our wedding in 2009. I still have yet to put the actual wedding photo in the frame (I don’t know what’s wrong with me) – the photo that is in there is one of our engagement photos. It’s loving and romantic and always stays right there in the center where it belongs.


Front and Center

Front and Center

In front of the frame is a vase with a blessing engraved on it that was given to us by my husband’s parents – I think it was for our first anniversary! Again – it’s always right there, front and center – it just gets filled with different things depending on the season or holiday! This time I filled it with a wired heart garland from Michaels to give it some sparkle and dimension. The picture on the right is from Logan’s 1st birthday. 🙂

IMG_6876You can also see the heart doilies – I couldn’t help it, I had to put a couple up on my mantle! I used them on the teacher gifts I made and posted earlier this week.

So there you have it, that’s my mantle. I would LOVE to see yours if you decorated! Feel free to send me a picture!

Now about those wall decals…. remember I used them on the teacher gifts, because they were removable? I have to tell you, whenever I see them at the store(s) I buy them because they are wonderful Toddler Time Takers.

Window Play

Window Play

Logan LOVES playing with them, just like he loves playing with stickers, only these last much longer and don’t get stuck on things. He can’t rip them up like stickers, either. He likes to re-arrange them over and over again, which is great for me when I need a few minutes to finish up cooking or get ready to go somewhere…I can just whip some out and he’ll occupy himself. They help strengthen his little fingers and let him be creative!

See, Mommy?

See, Mommy?

So if you have a little one, I highly recommend grabbing the window decals or clings next time you see them. It’s fun to have all different sorts on hand that tie in to upcoming events or holidays!

That’s it folks — tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas I’ve posted this week — lots of love to you!



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