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Spring Issue: Cultivate

So… we did it. We made a magazine. Who knew we could? We sure didn’t.

But He did! And all the glory goes to HIM for providing vision, opening doors, paving the path, and sending us the most AMAZING WOMEN!

I am so humbled by the talented and inspirational writers, artists, and photographers that have become part of our Salt+Clay community. Like really, sometimes I question whether I really belong here..

Our Spring Issue of Salt+Clay is available for purchase (digital download) at salt-clay.com — we pray it inspires you, encourages you, lifts you up and helps you dig deep; to discover your beautiful purpose in whatever season you’re in – and bring glory to His name.

While you’re there check out our latest blog post where our co-founder Shannon shares our origin story and how we came to be Salt+Clay!

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the blessings being poured out every week by the gifted writers the Lord keeps sending our way… and if you want to join our community and be a contributor, there’s a place for that, too!

Thank you for your support & God Bless

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They’re Real!

Ready to look Fabulous for the Holidays?

Say goodbye to those falsies and get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of without a prescription, without a messy gooey application, with no side effects AND without having to sit in a chair for hours.



AVAILABLE NOW, Lash Boost promises and DELIVERS longer looking, fuller looking, darker looking lashes with a once nightly single tube application — it’s like applying liquid eyeliner, it’s so easy! And if you order now, you’ll get TWO FREE GIFTS!


real-results-enhancements-lash-boost1 4 8I started using my Lash Boost (perks of being a Consultant!) less than two weeks ago and I am already seeing results. My lashes look longer and they have “popped” up so I don’t even have to curl them anymore!

Where do I sign up?

Get Yours HERE!

You will be prompted to Enroll as a Preferred Customer* — do it! You’ll save 10% and get free shipping on all orders over $80 forever for just a one-time fee of $19.95.


Holiday Offer: From 11/2 – 1/2/17 while supplies last, you’ll receive this super cute pouch AND a FREE Travel Sized Multifunction EYE CREAM!!! One of our top sellers, it tackles undereye circles, bags and fine lines & wrinkles.

Price: $150 Retail, $135 for Preferred Customers*


*Preferred Customer: PC Perks Program, one-time $19.95 fee gets you 10%+ discount, free shipping on all orders over $80, 60 day convenient replenishment shipments (can be edited at anytime), additional promotions and offers, access to premium Customer Service.Share This! Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

New Designs

Flower Burst

Flower Burst

My logo fabric seems to be pretty popular, particularly my large scale flower burst print that is currently only available in an apple green/chartreuse. It looks great on any type of fabric, but is especially beautiful in the linen cotton canvas that is available on Spoonflower. I made and sold a great tote bag out of it not long ago, and recently received an order from a dear friend for some place mats!

I started looking at it closely, and wondered why I never thought of offering it in more colors… probably one of those things that I had intended to do, but never got around to doing and completely forgot about it. This happens A LOT in my life. Heck, I walk in to a room forgetting why I walked in there. Major Mommy Brain. I can only imagine it will get worse when we decide to add more berries to the Stickelberry tree. 😀

Anyhoo, while I was ordering some of my fabric today I went ahead and made a few revisions and uploaded two new versions of my Flower Burst print in Grays/Greys and Pinks.

Flower Burst in Pinks and Grays/Greys

Flower Burst in Pinks and Grays/Greys

Here they are — I’ve ordered swatches for them to make sure the colors are good, so once I receive and approve they will be available for purchase as fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap and wall decals.

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