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Candy Free Easter Eggs

Candy Free Easter Eggs – Last Minute!

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candy free easter eggs

  Soooo… did you forget about your child’s Easter Egg hunt at school? Because I sure did. Woops.

But Fear not, my Stickelberry friends, I am here to save the day with a quick and easy last minute solution.There’s still time with Prime! In about 5 minutes I found everything, ordered it and had it shipped to my front door in less than 2 days. Boom.

My dear, dear friend, Amazon Prime helped me with the FREE two day shipping part. In our house, the nominal fee is SO WORTH IT. If you shop online regularly like we do (because, you know, kids…) you know the value of free shipping, and how pleasant and convenient it is to receive things quickly. Not to mention, we often find the best deal and value on Amazon as well… so if you haven’t tried Prime, do it! Free 30 Day trial right here, baby! Order your heart out – I get my baby formula, many of my beauty products, gifts for the kids that are hard to find, even clothes and shoes from Amazon. It’s rad. And they offer all kinds of streaming — music, movies, tv shows, etc.

Candy Free Easter EggsAnyway enough about them – let’s get to the eggs, already.

I wanted to be the super cool mom and send Logan to school with some really awesome eggs, like these cool silly putty eggs, or these play dough eggs… but I need 24 eggs, and both would have been a little over my budget this time around. Maybe next year?

What I do know is this: kids love stamps. They LOVE stamps. Everyday when I pick up Logan at school there is a lineup at the front desk where the ever-so-lovely Ms Cherine lets the kids do stamps and stickers before they leave. I think it’s Logan’s favorite part of the day!

Last year we did bubbles and stickers, so this year we are totally doing stamps and stickers!

Here it is people:

The EggsPlastic Easter Eggs


The StampsStamps for the Eggs

The Stickers

Stickers for the Eggs

I know the stickers aren’t necessary, and that any child would be stoked to get just the stamp, but how cute are these little guys? And so handy to come on a roll, all easy to cut up and stuff?

So, I hope I helped you out or at least gave you an idea of where you can find some GREAT Easter Egg fillers!

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*Yep, I’m an Amazon Affiliate, and proud of it! I order from Amazon weekly and it has been a lifesaver for this tired and exhausted Mama!

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I Dig You, Valentine!

My three year old is obsessed (OBSESSED!!!!!) with all things construction lately. We happen to have a lot of road work and building going on ’round these parts too, so every time we get in the car and leave our neighborhood, my son is in his glory – calling out the names of every construction truck he sees. Digger! Excavator! Bulldozer! Crane Truck! Dump Truck! Jackhammer! Forklift! Oh yes, he knows them all. I do too now, thanks to him. 🙂

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share his obsession with his classmates, so I started digging around online (see what I did there?) and found these cute little pull-back diggers on Amazon. Digger Close Up

To make them cute, my good friend Target helped me with some felt hearts and party bags, and I created my own little digger valentine on cardstock (Thank you, Google Images). 🙂


Sticky dots, always. ALWAYS.


A little hole punching here…


A little twine there…






A super cute and totally rad valentine that won’t give the kiddos a sugar rush or cavities.



You’re Welcome.

Make Your Own!!! supplies

  • Get the Diggers HERE. (You could instead do construction stickers)
  • Get the Printable HERE (Name is left blank so you can write it in)
  • Twine — Target, your local craft store, or my favorite, The Shipping Guru
  • Baggies — Target in the party aisle or your local craft store
  • Felt Hearts — you can get anywhere, OR you could simply use a heart punch on cardstock, OR forget the heart all together and just hole punch the valentine.


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Sticker Valentines — Love Week 2014

It’s LOVE WEEK! The week of Valentine’s Day… the week where everything is red and pink and white and purple and smothered in hearts. I freakin’ love it! I know there are people out there who think of Valentine’s Day and go “UGH” – but I am SO not one of those people. I am the person that all of the marketing folk are trying to target with their heart-laden materials… I swoon over the heart shaped candies and chocolate peanut butter hearts and of course, the heart shaped doilies. I just love Love Week.

To celebrate the first day of Love Week, I made Logan’s valentines for his class of 2 and 3 year olds. Since he’s only 2, he doesn’t much care about the valentines but I know he will love putting them in their little cubbies (he’s all about sorting), and since he loves stickers (any kind of sticky thing, really), I thought gifting stickers to his friends would be cute. The school has a low sugar policy so I wasn’t about to give them sugar bombs…I’m sure his teachers would LOVE that though.  🙂

I found these cute stickers at Target – they came with two sets of stickers per pack, so I bought two so that I could give each classmate 4 sheets of stickers.

Cute Stickers!

Cute Stickers!

I found large foam hearts at Michaels (along with all of my other supplies), and wanted to use those. At first I thought about stapling the corner of the sticker sheets to the foam, but that wouldn’t be very cute, right? I dug around through my stash of craft supplies and found some small brown paper bags leftover from Christmas (you can get them at any craft store, or use any other kind of baggie or small envelope) – I had some plain ones and some with hearts all over them – perfect!

Perfect lil' baggies

Perfect lil’ baggies

SO I decided to put the stickers in the bags, fold them like an envelope, and seal them with some sparkly foam stickers.

Pretty lil’ package

The plain brown baggies needed some sprucing up, so I added a stamp at the bottom!



Now, I could have stopped there… those are darn cute little valentines. But I wanted them to be big and fabulous! I decided to use some sticky dots to stick the baggies to the large foam hearts I purchased…

Sticky dots

Sticky dots

… and centered the baggies on the foam hearts.

Bigger is Better?

Bigger is Better?

Bigger is better?





For the last part, I printed out the tag using Word and cut it with some jagged edged paper cutting scissors. I then used scrapbook adhesive to glue the tag to the valentine, and added an extra foam heart sticker for good measure.

IMG_6818 IMG_6815

Not bad for a quick trip to Michaels and an hour of naptime fun, right?

Stay tuned this week for more Love Week Fun! I have a printable in the works, I need to finish my mantle, and I have some gifts for Logan’s teachers that are super easy to put together.

Love & Hugs!

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