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Plastic Canvas Note Holder

Plastic Canvas Notepad & Pen Holder

Another resurrection from the pre-hacked days. I’m trying to re-post the ones that I lost and re-direct the old links to the new ones (for those of you wondering why I’m posting old stuff!). So if you’ve seen this before, just move on, but if this is your first time, do check it out! I found working with the plastic canvas very soothing, and it was easy enough to do while sitting on the couch watchin’ my Greys Anatomy. 🙂

pcbloghopPC Blog Hop: Plastic Canvas Notepad & Pen Holder

So, thanks to the creative and uber cool Craftypod, I was lucky enough to join the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop in 2014. I had never worked with plastic canvas before, so I was excited to take on the challenge and try something new.

I came up with this little notepad & pen holder that I made for my favorite niece (I only have one niece, so of course, she’s my favorite!). I used pink and black because, well, HELLO – it’s obviously one of my favorite color combos!

plastic canvas notepad & pen holder

Read on for supplies and tips and such… I found the following video tutorial on you tube SO SO helpful! It taught me how to start with the yarn and needle, and how to join my pieces together. This how-to guide is also a great place to get started. Plastic Canvas Supplies


Supplies (I purchased at Michaels)

  • Plastic Canvas — I chose this cool black stuff. It comes in different sizes
  • PC Needles – I used size #16
  • Yarn — I chose some worsted wool (recommended) and some neat shiny ones… but note, I did learn a lesson about the shiny ones:

plastic canvas supplies - yarn matters

I had this picture in my head of what I wanted to make, and went about trying to determine how to cut up the plastic and what sizes to make everything. This is what I came up with — you can count the squares or measure it like I did:Plastic Canvas Measurements

This is how it laid out before I started stitching, this helped me keep track of what piece went where: Plastic Canvas Pieces

So now the fun part — fill up them there holes with pretty thread! I played with different stitches after checking out this basic how-to guide. 

And I totally wasn’t joking about doing this on the couch while watching TV… I was, by the way, hugely pregnant during this project and on limited activity! working

PC Notepad Holder Detail 1

PC Notepad Holder Detail 2

PC Notepad Holder Detail 3

I left the bottom empty since it would be covered by a notepad or loose paper

PC Notepad Holder Detail 4

Add paper, pen and other cute desk accessory essentials, and wrap it up!

Plastic Canvas Notepad & Pen Holder 2

Check out some of the other PC Blog Hop projects here!

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Just for Subscribers — Free Printable March Calendar!

HeaderMarch is upon us…I call it The Green Month. A whole new month to start fresh, get organized and get things done. I’ve always been obsessed with all things office and organization. I often spent my lunch hours spending my hard earned dollars at the office supply store, because I just LOVE office supplies. Calendars, pens, pencils, cute pads of paper, post-its, organizers, cute folders… you name it! I had a darn cute cubicle once upon a time.

Are you that way too? Do you like cute calendars? Ones that you can write notes on or just glance at to figure out what day a certain date falls on? Well then, you’re in luck, and isn’t March a good time to be lucky? 🙂

Just for Subscribers to Stickelberry ~ a free printable March 2014 calendar for your desk/office/cubicle/padfolio/fridge!

If you’re already a subscriber, expect an email from me soon!

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Hope you all have a good March!

PS: Check out this list of March Holidays — I am especially fond of the 16th – “Everything You Do is Right Day”



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