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Let your Light Shine Bright

“This little light of mine…” – and now you’re singing!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. This year we tried to really focus on the reason for the season and celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior. Truly the best gift ever, right?

For our friends we made these solar light jars to help remind everyone to always let their light shine bright, even in the darkest times.

They were super easy to make since the solar lids already have the lights attached to them. Logan (5) really enjoyed putting the lights in the jars and screwing the tops on, and of course testing out the lights!

I used a paper punch and a hole punch to make the tags, some cute twine to tie them on and voila! Instant night light or light for the backyard.

Found the perfect sized jars at the grocery (best deal!), and the lids come in sets of 6 on Amazon* here: http://amzn.to/2DtnoOA

Go forth and make your own – such a great gift idea… and don’t forget to let YOUR light shine bright in 2018.

Blessings and Happy New Year!



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Boo-tiful DIY

Fretting about a costume for your little witch? I have something you can whip up in less than an hour! 

Make a tutu and pair it with cat ears or an eye mask or a witch hat for the cutest little DIY costume on the block! It’s adorable and easy, and if you’re a scrap-a-holic like me, you might already have everything you need (fabric strips & elastic. Done and done.)

You can find the how-to on my previous post HERE 

Have a very Happy Halloween!! 

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Children's Art Gallery

Children’s Art Gallery

Children's Art GalleryYour child brings home an amazing work of art, so of course you need to hang it up — put it on display for everyone to ooooh and ahhhh at, and to show everyone how proud you are of your little Picasso (and it gives your little ones all the feels). So on the fridge it goes…. but really, your little artiste deserves so much more! So why not create a gallery just for the kiddos?

This is a super simple project for even the not-so-handy, and of course you can personalize or change it up however you want — I’m just giving you the basic idea to get started if you want to make your own.

I chose a wall in the kids’ playroom to do this, where I had the space and where the pieces of art would fit right in with the “decor.”

I found a banner that was double sided, with some funky colors and patterns on one side, and a chalkboard surface on the other. It came with some great twine, but you can always find your own in any color. Children's Art Gallery

You could also make your own bunting using scrapbook paper, use or not use the chalk feature, purchase or print letters on your own, etc. The sky is the limit on this one. Children's Art GalleryI wrote “A”, “R”, and “T” out on the three of the pennants, and strung the twine through the holes. (If you’re using scrapbook paper, you’ll need a hole punch).Children's Art Gallery

To hang up the banner I just used push pins. 🙂pushpins

For the artwork hangers, I found a bag of these cool chalkboard clothespins and decided to take the extra pennants from the banner I wasn’t using and cut out a shape to stick them to. clothespins3

I used my good old standby, the sticky dots. Children's Art Gallery

On the back of that stack I used a mounting square and stuck it to the wall. They come off easily, and leave no marks. 😉 wallmounts3

Cute, right?Children's Art Gallery

My son’s Montessori school does the most beautiful art projects and he is always SO excited to bring a new one home and hang it up in the gallery. When it’s time to retire one, I take a picture of it with my phone and upload it to artkive — this great app that lets you create hardcover books of your kid’s artwork!

The Stickel Art Gallery… featuring the works of Logan G. Stickel.

Children's Art Gallery

Do you have an art gallery or wall for your kiddo’s masterpieces? I would love for you to share them with me!

Until next time!

xoxo, D

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DIY T-Shirt Hack – No Sewing Required!

I’m all about easy these days, what with the 4 month old and the potty training 2.5 year old running me ragged. I want easy hair, easy makeup, easy and practical clothes…anything to make this chaos easier.

No Sew T-Shirt Hack

No Sew T-Shirt Hack


During one of my nesting phases I pulled out a few T-shirts from the hubbo’s collection of throw-aways that I thought I could turn into something fun and useful for myself.

So, here is one of those upcycle projects that is so easy, you’ll want to go steal all of your hubbo’s shirts and make your own! It’s perfect for working out or hanging out around the house in — and yeah, I totally wore it to the grocery store.


DIY T-Shirt Hack – Easy, No-Sew Upcycle Project


  • Large T-Shirt – knit material, preferrably soft and well worn, bonus if it belonged to someone you love
  • Scissors – sharp ones or you’ll get hacky
  • Feet. You’ll see.

1. Lay your shirt flat on the ground

Lay shirt flat on the ground

Lay shirt flat on the ground

2. Cut shirt as shown below. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and remember since it is knit, the edges will roll. If you want a deeper plunge at the neck, or longer armholes, make it so!


Cut shirt as shown here

3. Discard the arms and collar, but save that handy bottom piece!


Save bottom part of shirt

4. Cut the bottom piece at the seams so you have two strips, and throw one away – you only need one!


Cut at seam to make one long piece

5.  Flip your shirt over so the backside is on top facing you. Gather the center of the shirt in between those two armholes with your hand.

Gather back of shirt with hand

Gather back of shirt with hand

6. Center the strip you kept from the bottom of the shirt underneath the gathered back of the shirt.


Center the strip you cut from the bottom of the shirt underneath the gather

7. This is where your feet come in to play! Wedge those babies at the top of the straps so you can pull on the shirt without it going anywhere, and start to twist the ends of the fabric strip around the gather.

Feet make great tools - use them to hold the shirt while you twist

Feet make great tools – use them to hold the shirt while you twist. Thankfully my toes are hidden, because I sure need a pedi!

8. Wrap it around and around until you have two short ends left and tie them in a knot (or a bow if you want a bow?). You can choose whether you want it on the outside or the inside.

Tie a knot or a bow, on the inside or the outside (your preference) when you have two short ends left

Tie a knot or a bow, on the inside or the outside (your preference) when you have two short ends left

9. That’s it. Just ssssstreeeeeeetchhh your shirt out in every direction so the edges curl and you’re good to go

Stretch it out

Stretch it out

The finished product — I’m wearing a black sports bra underneath but I sometimes branch out and wear a hot pink or flourescent yellow one (fashion maven, I am).

                                         diy_tshirt_front diy_tshirt_back2

Selfies — All about the easy: bun and yoga pants, baby!

                        tshirt_diy_selfieback  tshirt_diy_selfiefront

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Glam Tank Top Tutorial


Glam Tank Top

Glam Tank Top

NOTE: This is my first tutorial. It should also be stated that I am a mostly self-taught sewer, with no professional experience, and I tend to go the lazy route. I’ll see something I like and try to recreate and improve upon it using the “Dani” method — the easiest, least time consuming way possible. Though I still strive for quality! 😀

This tank top happened one night when I had plans to go out with my girlfriends for a girls night — we are all moms, everyone except me having multiple children, so I’m sure you other moms can relate to needing a night out with your girls every once in a while. As my daily wardrobe usually consists of yoga pants, a tank top and sneakers, I look forward to actually getting dressed in grown-up clothes when I do get to go out for a girls night. I want to get pretty and feel like “I still got it!”

That's me, attempting to look like a pro

That’s me, attempting to look like a pro

While Logan napped in the afternoon I started ruffling through my closet looking for something cute to wear. There were plenty of cute things but they were all old, all had been worn before, and nothing seemed to fit the night’s agenda for dinner out in our downtown beach-side community of San Clemente. It’s casual. Like, really casual – most people sport flip-flops year round. But at night, the girls like to get dolled up, and you really want a balance of casual and chic. You don’t want to over do it, but you don’t want to look like you just came from the beach, either.

What to wear, what to wear! As I stifled the panic and anxiety, wanting to avoid a full-blown wardrobe meltdown, I wandered in to my sewing room – a haphazard mess of a room that is my happy place – and saw a gleam of sparkle coming from my stash of scraps. This nice shiny silver sequined thing that was left over from something I had made for my niece when she was going through her princess phase caught my eye. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cute to just slap that on a tank top and wear it with some white skinnies and wedges? OH YEAH! And I knew I could probably get it done before the little one in the next room woke up too, so I quickly got to work and made a whole new wardrobe item for that evening’s adventure in less than a half an hour. I took pictures as I went, knowing that I wanted it to be my very first tutorial.

Had to share this one — Logan got in on the action during my selfie:

Mommy’s Little Helper


Here is how I did it – this is a great project for a beginner!


  • A tank top – any color, any style. (Mine was a $5 black racer back bargain from Target, sort of loose fitted)
  • A piece of fabric with some bling. Length should be the length of the front of your top, plus 4 inches. Width – as wide as you want, mine was 4 inches. (I found mine in the remnant bin at Joann’s!)
  • Coordinating or contrasting thread. (I thought some neon yellow thread would be cool, but I didn’t have any so I went with black, the same color as the tank top.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>And now the fun part!

Lay your tank top down on the floor/desk/cutting table, and place your strip of fabric centered on the front of it. Place it so that there are two inches above the neckline, and two inches below the bottom hem. At the top, fold the edge over the neckline, once more under itself, and pin in place.

Fold over edge, fold agin under itself and pin

Fold over edge, fold again under itself, and pin

Pin your bling in place down the front – depending how squirmy it is, you may want to use a lot of pins to be safe.

Pin Pin Pin

Pin Pin Pin

Run a basic stitch at the neckline, about 1/4″ down from the top edge to hold your bling in place. Reverse stitch a few times at the start and end to make sure it is sturdy. If you don’t have a reverse stitch button on your machine, you can do it manually by hand!

Stitch across the top

Stitch across the top

Pull up the needle, turn the fabric so your tank top is perpendicular to you. Now change your stitch to something that will cover the edge nicely. The picture shows my settings – I wanted it to look a little ragged, not have a satin stitched edge. Note also my handwritten L & W to tell me which is length and which is width. 😀

My settings for the length stitch

My settings for the long stitches down the front of the top

Using your stitch of choice, sew down the length of your bling, keeping it’s edge right in the middle of your presser foot. This will keep it straight so keep your eye on it. Slow down if it gets away from you!

Keep edge in the middle of your presser foot

Keep edge in the middle of your presser foot

Your top should look like this now!

Halfway there!

When you get to the bottom, pull the needle up, cut the thread and pull out your top. Now do as you did at the neck of the top, and fold the bling edge over the bottom, fold it under itself and pin in place as shown in the picture.

Fold over the edge, under itself, then pin

Fold over the edge, under itself, then pin

Put your top back under your machine. Change your machine back to a basic stitch, and just as you did at the top, sew the bottom of the bling on to your tank top. Make sure you reverse stitch a few times on each end to lock it in.

Stitch across the bottom

Stitch across the bottom

Change the settings on your machine back to the stitch, length and width that you used for the length of the bling, turn your top so it is perpendicular to you, and sew that baby all the way up to the top!

Glam Tank Top

Glam Tank Top

Hooray! You did it! Feels great, doesn’t it?! Now you have jazzy little top that you can dress up or down using the bottom and shoes of your choice.

I’ve added this to the link party at Whipperberry too – be sure to check out the other great crafty tutorials there!

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