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Sticker Valentines — Love Week 2014

It’s LOVE WEEK! The week of Valentine’s Day… the week where everything is red and pink and white and purple and smothered in hearts. I freakin’ love it! I know there are people out there who think of Valentine’s Day and go “UGH” – but I am SO not one of those people. I am the person that all of the marketing folk are trying to target with their heart-laden materials… I swoon over the heart shaped candies and chocolate peanut butter hearts and of course, the heart shaped doilies. I just love Love Week.

To celebrate the first day of Love Week, I made Logan’s valentines for his class of 2 and 3 year olds. Since he’s only 2, he doesn’t much care about the valentines but I know he will love putting them in their little cubbies (he’s all about sorting), and since he loves stickers (any kind of sticky thing, really), I thought gifting stickers to his friends would be cute. The school has a low sugar policy so I wasn’t about to give them sugar bombs…I’m sure his teachers would LOVE that though.  🙂

I found these cute stickers at Target – they came with two sets of stickers per pack, so I bought two so that I could give each classmate 4 sheets of stickers.

Cute Stickers!

Cute Stickers!

I found large foam hearts at Michaels (along with all of my other supplies), and wanted to use those. At first I thought about stapling the corner of the sticker sheets to the foam, but that wouldn’t be very cute, right? I dug around through my stash of craft supplies and found some small brown paper bags leftover from Christmas (you can get them at any craft store, or use any other kind of baggie or small envelope) – I had some plain ones and some with hearts all over them – perfect!

Perfect lil' baggies

Perfect lil’ baggies

SO I decided to put the stickers in the bags, fold them like an envelope, and seal them with some sparkly foam stickers.

Pretty lil’ package

The plain brown baggies needed some sprucing up, so I added a stamp at the bottom!



Now, I could have stopped there… those are darn cute little valentines. But I wanted them to be big and fabulous! I decided to use some sticky dots to stick the baggies to the large foam hearts I purchased…

Sticky dots

Sticky dots

… and centered the baggies on the foam hearts.

Bigger is Better?

Bigger is Better?

Bigger is better?





For the last part, I printed out the tag using Word and cut it with some jagged edged paper cutting scissors. I then used scrapbook adhesive to glue the tag to the valentine, and added an extra foam heart sticker for good measure.

IMG_6818 IMG_6815

Not bad for a quick trip to Michaels and an hour of naptime fun, right?

Stay tuned this week for more Love Week Fun! I have a printable in the works, I need to finish my mantle, and I have some gifts for Logan’s teachers that are super easy to put together.

Love & Hugs!

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Quick & Easy Valentine Garland!

I felt bad that it was already the 6th of February and I hadn’t done a thing about Valentine’s Day. It’s another one of my favorites because it celebrates love and kindness, and I’m a hopeless romantic. I also just really love hearts (girly girl!).


Easy Heart Garland

I remembered I had made a garland last year, and had even pinned a picture of it (pre-blog), so I went in search of my already made mantle decor. I found it in amongst my ribbons and thought what a great post it would make because it is so so easy to put together. Even those of you that don’t have a crafty bone in your body can do this one – and it really only takes 10 MINUTES.


Unfinished Mantle

I took some pictures and made a little tutorial to share the love… I haven’t finished my mantle yet, so don’t judge! I’ll try to get some pictures of the finished love-fest up next week. :o)

Quick & Easy 10 Minute Valentine Heart Garland Tutorial




  •  Scrapbook Paper — whatever strikes your fancy! You could even get the sparkly kind if you’refeeling fabulous
  • Twine — I used red and white, but you can use whatever you want! I got my ginormous spool from The Shipping Guru on Etsy, but you can find it everywhere in the stores now
  • Heart Punch — Mine is a 2″ Heart Punch from Michaels. If you don’t have one, or don’t have time to get one, print some hearts out on paper and cut them out!
  • Regular Hole Punch



Step 1: Punch Your Heart(s) Out!

Punch It!

Punch It!

Punch as many as you need – my garland is about 6 feet long and has 21 Hearts on it. When you’re all done punching you have some great scraps left over with the heart silhouette that can be cut into squares and used on Valentine’s Day cards or other decor for the house!

Punch Your Heart(s) Out!

Punch Your Heart(s) Out and use your scraps for something else!

Step 2: Punch Your Holes!

A Hole Lotta Love

A Hole Lotta Love

Don’t worry too much about placement, just aim for the top of the heart and in the center of each bump.

Step 3: Cut Twine & Thread!

Thread the twine through the holes in your hearts

Thread the twine through the hole in your heart

I inserted the thread on the front of the hearts, went around the back and came back through the front. You can do it the opposite way as well, just make sure you do them all the same or your garland will look and hang a little funky.

Step 4: REPEAT!

Garland Complete!

Garland Complete!

Nothing like a super quick & easy DIY craft project. You can even enlist the kiddos to help or do it all themselves – you don’t even need scissors!

Have fun and send me your pictures if you make one!

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New Design – A Tribute to Doilies

I’ve been severely slacking on my design efforts lately… there just hasn’t been any time! I’m getting back into it now though since I’m supposed to be staying on my butt as much as possible (pregnancy woes). After doing some catch up on my digital photo albums and making a few of my accounts look more pretty (Checkout my FB page!), I logged in to Spoonflower to see what the latest fabric design contest entails. Lo and behold it’s a Chinese Paper Cutting theme where you can only use red and white.


I thought I would incorporate some Valentine love into mine, which turned out looking like a cute red paper doily. I love doilies – they are so romantic. My fondest memory of doilies is my mom sending me to school in 2nd grade with my Valentine “bag” that was for my classmates to put their Valentines in. Mine was a brown paper bag decorated with a red paper doily, and a cutout of a Victorian angel glued in the center of it. At the time I thought it looked too old – way over the heads of my fellow second graders. But when I look back on it, I think it was just perfect and it’s my go-to image that I picture in my head whenever people mention Valentine’s Day.

Here is a yardage shot of the fabric – I think it would be great for the lining on the inside of one of my tote bags, or maybe even for a scarf?

red paper doily by Stickelberry

red paper doily by Stickelberry

I’m ordering a swatch – I think it will make cute wrapping paper too!


A few more colors I am testing – these coordinate with some of my other fabric collections


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