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Mothers Day Card and Gift Tag

Mother’s Day Card & Gift Tag – Free Printable

Who doesn’t love Mom? Here’s a free printable available in red or black — just print and cut! (Re-post)

Mom Card & Tag Printable

Print on heavy paper – cardstock works great!

Mom Card & Tag Cut Out

Cut the card and tag out. Fold the card as instructed, and punch a hole in the tag

Here are the documents to print:



Need other ideas for Mom? Check out these items in my Zazzle store!

Red Mom Mug Black Mom Mug



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Modern Gift Tags – Free Printable!

I was shopping for gift tags to go with my understated kraft paper wrappings (so crafty!) for this Christmas and was having a really hard time finding something that would work. Now, I primarily (only) shop at Target so I guess my selection was limited, but usually I can find something there. I wanted something a little more modern, maybe even masculine, that could work for the girliest or the manliest of gifts. Unfortunately, everything at the store was either glittery, shiny or just way too frilly.

So I decided to whip up some of my own!

Modern Gift Tag

Modern Gift Tag

I like the way they turned out — and the best part is I formatted them so I can print them off sheets at a time, and I can use regular paper, cardstock OR Avery 5960 Easy Peel Address Labels. That’s right! You can print your own sticky gift tag labels – just pick some up at the office supply store or order online.

IMG_6393Note my characters in the To and From — Jace and Clary — I am just slightly obsessed with Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series…

IMG_6424One more ode to Jace & Clary and then I will give you your free printables!

IMG_6390I’m dying to read the current hardcover book but I’m trying to wait until it comes out in paperback. Yes, paperback. Being as digitally savvy as I am, I REFUSE to read books on a handheld. I won’t do it. I love books too much… I love the feeling of the paper, the smell of the book, opening a book for the first time and cracking open that spine… I am a total bookworm.

As promised — here are your tags!

Free Modern Gift Tags

Available in 3 Colors — Black, Green & Red

Print on thick white paper or cardstock OR use Avery 5960 Easy Peel Address Labels!

Click to download the PDF file of your choice. BlackLabels_Avery5960  GreenLabels_Avery5960 RedLabels_Avery5960

Black Gift Tags - Sheet of Avery 5960 Address Labels










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Wait… it’s December? Make a Quick & Easy Advent Calendar


This time of year always gets away from me. I always have all of these BIG PLANS to make crafty things and I usually end up getting around to like, ONE of them. Between the holidays and the 10 birthdays between Halloween and Valentine’s Day (and that’s just counting family!), these months seem to fly right by – December especially! At least my husband and I did ONE thing on time – we picked out our Christmas tree with help from our little elf, Logan. 🙂

Well.. we picked it out but it’s not fully decorated yet – it needs a few remaining touches to make it Stickelberry worthy. I plan to enlist the help of my little elf to finish that off too.

I did make something I’ve never made before, and even though I was a day late in putting it up, I’m still happy with the results; I don’t think Logan noticed that it was a day late anyway — he’s not even two yet so I think I’m OK.

After spending way too much time on Pinterest looking for ideas, I came up with a hybrid of my own to make an easy Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas. I thought it would be fun (and educational!) for Logan, and he would be giddy with joy when he happened to open up a day that had a little surprise in it for him.

I used the simplest of supplies — IMG_6234

  • ribbon
  • paper treat bags
  • small clothespins
  • scrapbook paper (Used Christmas themed)
  • mini stockings
  • little mesh bags I happen to have

I cut rectangles out of the scrapbook paper to fit inside the bags and stockings (25 of them!), and wrote the dates on them using a sharpie (so not fancy). I ordered my bags and stockings how I wanted them and put the dates inside, and chose a few special bags and stockings to place little treats in. I used stickers, Christmas socks, hot wheels, etc. Just small things that I know will make Logan happy.

I sealed each with a clothespin, and then hunted down a spot to hang this thing. I couldn’t use the mantle because I want to put the stockings there, and I wanted it out of reach this year because I know my son won’t be able to help himself and will try to pull them all down. SO, I used the curtain rod in our kitchen dining area and strung up two ribbons to hold all of the dates. Granted I have to hop up on a chair to pull each day out, but I won’t mind! 🙂


Hanging Advent Calendar


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Grandparent Love

Grandparent Love – Free Printable!

Don’t want to print? You can now order these as 11×14 prints or printed on canvas through my Zazzle Shop! More color choices & options are available – including the ability to modify the names at the top!

Who doesn’t love Grandparents? I mean they love and adore you, and they love, adore and spoil your children… they are what love is all about. Of course they can drive you nuts sometimes, but in this case the good outweighs the crazy, right? It’s always fun for me to come up with gifts for the grandparents – birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas – I love the challenge of finding something really good.

On my side of the family, if my Mom cries then I know I did good, because that means she really appreciates it. The crying is a good thing – we are all ridiculously emotional, and in fact, I’m probably the worst. But when you get us in a room together, if one starts crying… within a minute the rest of us do too. My husband thinks we are all crazy, and while I wouldn’t challenge that opinion, I don’t mind it so much. Except when it happens in public. 😀

House Rules - Click to Download

House Rules – Click to Download

I was looking for a gift idea a while back for my father-in-law and came across this great sign on Pinterest, only when I clicked on it, the image didn’t lead me anywhere to purchase it or download it or anything. It was this wooden sign that had Grandparents’ House Rules on it. It was adorable! I was bummed I couldn’t find it anywhere, but then I thought to myself, why not just make one and frame it?

So I did! It was fun being able to choose my own fonts and eliminate the lines I wasn’t fond of. I didn’t take a picture of that first one I made, but when my Mom finished designing her new kitchen, I thought that the sign would be a great addition; a finishing touch to her new masterpiece.

In Grandma's Kitchen

In Grandma’s Kitchen


It was simple enough to do — after editing the sign a bit (I made hers custom, using her last name, and changed the color), I printed it out and went to my local craft store to get a frame, a mat, and some ribbon that coordinated with her kitchen. I slapped it all together and tied a bow for the corner to give it some cuteness, and voila! Super cute Grandparent gift.

I know gifting doesn’t come easy to everyone, and sometimes it’s just hard to find the right thing. So I hope that this helps some of you out when inspiration isn’t speaking to you when you need it most!




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Click here for your free printable:


House Rules

Grandparents’ House Rules

Grandma's House RulesUpdated December 2013 – Grandma’s House Rules – available here (in two colors):





Don’t want to print? You can now order these as 11×14 prints or printed on canvas through my Zazzle Shop! More color choices & options are available – including the ability to modify the names at the top!


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